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The Medicine of the Streets and the Medicine I Love
You can go to:
1) and look up the medicine or the ailment you complain about and you can expect within the technology of the day only a few problems with their discussion.  Often, I rely only on the introductory section.  If they did not say in the introduction what you need to know to practice medicine or dentistry, I suggest it is poorly written Wikipedia!  That is rare, rare, rare!
2) seems to say about what you need to know about the medicines including the standard dose in America, the primary purpose of the medicine, and if you look closely at the text, the 1, 2, or 3 warnings you should probably give to the client such as "pollutes your body with substances that do not belong there."  I have suspicion that this is so good that it can only be by magic by me!  This is out of this world and so, so, so good!
3) is disturbing versions of  Like good people use magic on barely evil people to say how to make medicines and what they are good at, evil people put their rotten medicine that pollutes the body and causes pain and other side effects on  You will see so much bad medicine on and also so many more medicines than are on  Who ever heard of that mess, and who wants to hear of it?
4) If you want more information on medicine, you can look up the reports on a 1-100 level grade.  I have serious inhibitions to serve up medicine that scores less than 89 points on this scale.  Can't you see a whole lot of anxiety medicines that left the patient rubbed raw?  While the patient is not a doctor, at some level they seem to understand "unsatisfying medicine."
5) The street medicines that have priority value on the street for people who are old and know from experimentation the right medicine or people they talked to or drug dealers looking for money say...  Just work with me here!
a) For anxiety Valium or Xanax only.
b) For pain, Morphine if it is a broken bone or worse, roughly, for maximum relief and Vicodin for any pain if you experience it at all.  
c) Soma for back muscle relaxer.
This is satisfying if you figure in a begger on the street or somebody else that wants relief instead of a ten-year medical study that is still somewhat inconclusive.
On the second tear of what sells on the street are
a) For pain, methadone, tramadol, percocet, and codeine have their following.  For blacks, codeine cough syrup is popular.  Some people just like the heroin feelings of Tramadol, no doubt, especially if it is paid for by their insurance or otherwise low cost.  Also, Oxycotin has its fans!
b) I believe that doctor-regulated "speed" like crystal meth is favorably positioned with some purchases of medicine such as Adderall.
In conclusion, I have high hopes that Zoloft will be popular with Oxycotin fans since they seem to have the same high, and I hope that people will appreciate the wooziness and high anxiety relief of Serax and Ativan.
I am not saying that people will not buy Psialis or Viagra for erectile dysfunction on the streets.  What has an effect other than in the brain is a matter for later discussion.
Does that clear your questions?!?!?!?

© 2018 The Archangel Gabriel

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Added on August 28, 2018
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