CIA DOCUMENT: CIA Hand Motions for Blasts

CIA DOCUMENT: CIA Hand Motions for Blasts

A Story by The Archangel Gabriel

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What's the spell of the day for Computers and Littlest? (together or apart)
Send people to read me on Writer's Cafe with something like a bogus email account or email that appears to be from family and friends.  And, advise them in the past to apply for a job to team CIA!
Try fake email from family and friends and a few topics to research that would be helpful at the CIA.
That's the one who got the email from family or friends, the one who got a name today.  We also have [email protected] today.  Those are the two that Computers needs for backup today for miscellaneous duties.  
you didn't figure out that was fake email?  Who the hell wants to work at the CIA in the real world?  Better than starving on the streets, arguably, but how many of your family and friends become ISIS sex slaves from starving as opposed to CIA?
So, what are motions for the hands or body that are approved in my system?  Does anybody use these?  Back in the day, I would do shoot until done or attempts over and over again as well as blasts.  What works for a blast?  Even one answer?  I thought that was on Writer's Cafe!  Even a name?
The CIA STOMP.  Traditionally you lift your foot off the ground comfortably and at the top of your swing hit run.
You can also hit run at the ground when you touch it or kick in the air.  I like probing around slowly the spell I want extra of.  Balancing on one foot and slowly moving around the other foot doing the CIA STOMP.  I also like high side kicks in the air at about my head level, 6 foot 2 inches in the air.
Other named blasts?
What about my favorite name: "Hunting like we hunt in  the heart of evil."  You have your knuckles up and hand flat at about the waist.  Go up and lightly release at the top of a small arch.
If you want, you can try to lethally use your knee to hit your head and do a knee CIA STOMP.
Other than that, you can have your hands above your head and swing down and more and more out as you get to about the waist with knuckles up.  At the bottom, stop or swoop up and blast...
Finally, you can do Hunting LIke we hunt in the heart of evil but do it fiercely and maybe try to break your shoulder or bruise it.  At the top of the swing, blast with all the force you have!
Roughly that is your hand or leg action for blasts!
From that, the rest follows.  Remember these, please!
So, we collect my true loves from around the world with bogus email and send them off trained to the CIA for a decent job.  Then, they can meet each other and get exposed to my sexy, sexy, sexy picture and my sexy, sexy, sexy words!
Rabble Rouser - did you not read teh article about hand motions for blasts?  Nobody at the CIA saw that on Wrtier's Cafe.  Where else would it be?!?!?!
You're so cute when you goof, goofball true loves of mine!  How could you blast without hand and leg stimulation and exercise?

© 2018 The Archangel Gabriel

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Added on November 30, 2018
Last Updated on November 30, 2018


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The Archangel Gabriel

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