Lunch Time Writing Promps

Lunch Time Writing Promps

A Story by Alexandra H.

Every day I complete one writing prompt at lunch. Generally, they are to expand into character, background, and plot for my current novel; however, they are not limited to it.


July 13, 2021  

“It’s not death I love, but the moment right before.”  


His words whispered like a lover, while the overpowering scent of rot filled the air around them. His cold finger like an icicle as he traced the bones of her skull. “In my time you would have been burned. Now,” his rotten breath filled her nose almost making her gag. “Now, you could join me. In time you could even rule the damned.” Cold dread settled in her stomach. She could feel the poison capsule, all it would take would be a slight movement and fate would be sealed. Hers, his, and the world’s.  


July 14,2021 

How can you talk about love when you’re so full of hate?  


Her words were stuck echoing in my mind “I loved you with all my being.” But it was never love. Not when there is an unspoken sentence after ’as long as you don’t outshine me.’  

She would never understand, even now at the end she cannot hear the conditional part of her love. As the last sigil took hold my heart broke, even as her screams filled my ears it was the loss of my best friend, my confidante, my sister from yeas prior that shatter me. Even as she vanished from this plane, I still hoped that someday somewhere she would come back.  


July 15 2021 

They were afraid of dying that night. But they should have been fearing for so much more.  

Truly if we had known the danger, the fate, the consequences of our actions I wonder if any of us would have entered that house. Our actions set in motion the events that would seal our fates.  

The reaper had cautioned me about the veil and crowding in the Ether, but certain that nothing could damage the boundary I carelessly went to the house to help them. Death is nothing to fear, but there are monsters contained by its bounds and they are to be feared.  




July 16, 2021 

I was there when it happened 


Lawrence’s words hung in the air, only Guerin knew his storyEvery one of the young generation exchanged glances of mild fear. Even Maeve, her eyes searched the faces of those around her for someone to give her doubts room. Opening the Veil and controlling the dead? It was not only heresy in most religions, but it was utterly the antithesis of the beliefs of the Pack.  

“It can be done,” Lawrence found Maeve’s eyes and held them a moment before shifting his gaze to Hugh. “And if we can’t stop them before the portal opens. I don’t know how high the cost is going to be.”  

No one had any response as his words once again left everyone speechless. Each held their silence working silently through everything known about the veil and the Ether. Surely, there was something that could stop the summoning.   

“What about you, old friend?” Guerin asked his chestnut eyes focused on the man standing silent, apart, in the doorway.  

“It is not of much help, however the only individual I could imagine having the knowledge and power to achieve such a feat would be a vampire. My own kind.”  

"That might be our way in!” Hugh exclaimed. His exuberance taking the entire room by surprise. Smurph even fell out of his chair. “All due respect,” Hugh looked around the room, his eyes landing on Lawrence last. “Vampires,” he seemed to almost choke on the word “require blood to continue to exist. Blood means bodies, seemingly unconnected murders, disappearances all in a relatively related area.” As he spoke, he shifted his gaze between Lawrence, Guerin and briefly to Valentine.  




July 17, 2021 

People fall in love without reason, without even wanting to. You can’t predict it. That’s love.  


“I, personally, never wanted to fall in love.” he continued the dying fire light from the hearth cast his face in such contrast that he seemed almost unreal. “It is time I told you about our family. 

“Many years ago, when I was younger than you. The Old Seer of our Caravan told me I would have four sons and one would lose his heart. That nothing would bring him comfort. That night I swore I would never have children. The next morning at breakfast the Old Seer smiled at me and said ‘Fate always finds a way to weave her blanket.’ I was on a coal steamer by the end of that season for the New World.             

“But she was right, within a year of arriving I had met and married your mother. And the rest as they say is history. We need more tea boy,” he said as he drained his cup. Replacing it on the wooden table.  

It was the same tea kettle they had taken out West, banging away at the sideboard of the wagon. The old man watched through clouded eyes as his son make the tea. It had been a long time since had been home. The man had watched him as he had grown into a man and suspected that he would be the one to lose his heart.  

Love was an odd feeling for the man, but he had hoped that by his son’s leaving he would have found some way around the curse. But looking at him, he had not missed the curse, it was flowing strong. So the man supposed that this was love. That this desire to spare his son and the disappointment upon finding that he had not. It must be love.  

© 2021 Alexandra H.

Author's Note

Alexandra H.
These are all writing prompts to promote creativity, or expand the world of my novel.

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