Life's Purpose

Life's Purpose

A Poem by Tate Morgan

My duty in this life is clear pass love from the child within me Along with prayers from those that died for all the hopes of things to be


My rendition of my grandfather Eddie and Freddie Volo graphite on canvas

Each day I wonder why I'm here

is it to fill what love requires

Or is there much more to my life

than all the joys my heart desires


I have been the emissary

of ancestors who came and went

My purpose lay within the genes

that through life and death they have sent


As thousands struggled lived and died

they entrusted within my soul

Hopes and dreams from generations

that led family in life's goal


My duty in this life is clear

pass love from the child within me

Along with prayers from those who've died

for the hopes of things that might be


While I tie my child to the past

going back to antiquity

He takes me into the future

granting us immortality

© 2018 Tate Morgan

Author's Note

Tate Morgan
I have often thought that a fathers job lay not only in his ability to provide.It is to enlighten your children with love of life. With that in mind I feel it important that we pass old wisdom's to the new. Time has a way of wearing us down. The old recriminations seem to ring out hollow as we ourselves become polished by the winds of time. In that end we see that enlightenment shows bright upon the simple truths that society masks and hides. We are here to succeed in life. Not monetarily but by producing a better version of us each time. Darwin would be proud. However to me Humanity has transcended the boundary of sentient thought. Leaving us a greater purpose that of carrying our brother along with us on life's journey.
Yesterday was the 20th running of the memorial race for my grandfather Eddie.may he rest in peace.
They don't make those men anymore!

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Beautifully profound write that takes us from generation to generation.. There is that loving example, words shared, and life lived that inspires our children and carries us on.. forever. Amazing write, my friend.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Excellent write! Truthful meaning!! Powerful read!

Posted 9 Years Ago

what a cute image - the tattoos on a baby - tied up with purpose on purpose -

Posted 9 Years Ago

Very powerful Tate. A very excellent read with a great responsibility. The past has to be passed onto the new generation, but only if the truth is passed forward. To many people alter the past, and the lessons that should be learned are truly forgotten. I think faith is a good thing to pass on to children, but only if it allows them to evolve into better people. I've never been a parent, so its hard for me to have a perspective here. I don't have any suggestions on how to improve your poem. It's already well written with the quality of your superb writing.

Posted 9 Years Ago

This is really cool. I wonder why I'm here too. It really explains our life purpose. Good job! 100/100

Posted 9 Years Ago

a passing along of not only genetics but of values , well done Tate ..

Posted 9 Years Ago

To me a parent's job is to do all they can to see that their children end up in a better place than they. Passing on wisdom, help and never relenting... Nice poem!

Posted 9 Years Ago

this is awesome! i would wanna make this read to my dad, i am sure he will love it!!
good job on this one Tate, you seem be a good daddy!! your kids are lucky to have you, like i am lucky to have the best daddy in the world!!! :)

Posted 9 Years Ago

Love the message in this piece. It has great depth and meaning and I agree with you. I loved how this read right from the beginning...just wonderfully penned...

Posted 9 Years Ago

yes it is important to pass on what we have learned in our lives to our children and to pass on the knowledge we have learn from our ancestors to them also...for our children to learn from us to we must teach them and one day sit back and say we did our best and watched them devolepe into strong and well round ppl. that we can be proud of. I enjoyed the write. I find in your words the same thoughts I have. ty

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Tate Morgan
Tate Morgan

Marion , OH



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