No Longer a Nightmare

No Longer a Nightmare

A Poem by Sports Girl

When I close my eyes all I ever see is you

When I close my eyes tears come rushing

All I feel is fear

All I feel is scared

I hear sounds

I see all these pictures

There is no place to escape it

No time of day that makes it better

No way to make them go away

I feel pain

It takes over

I can’t sleep

I can’t feel you

I see you slipping away

I see tears fall from your eyes

I hear screams in the background

There’s a hand squeezing my heart

A voice calling my name

I can’t wake up

I can’t run away

I can’t escape the nightmares

I feel myself letting go

Giving in to it all

Letting it take over

I can’t feel you anymore

I can’t see your smile

I can’t hear your laugh

I can’t feel your love

There’s nothing there

There’s an empty bed

An empty house

An empty feeling

There’s a flag under my pillow

Lifeless clothes in the closet

Broken pictures on the ground

A tomb stone in your place

I know this is goodbye

It’s time to let go

There’s no more time

No more memories

No more smiles

No more love

This is goodbye

It’s no longer a nightmare

© 2014 Sports Girl

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Added on January 14, 2014
Last Updated on January 14, 2014


Sports Girl
Sports Girl

Hampton, NH

Well the last time I came on here was 3 years ago and I was 16. Now I'm 20 and at lot has changed, but a lot also hasn't changed at all. I'm now in college with a major for businesses administration w.. more..

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