A Poem by Sports Girl

Each new sunrise rings the closing of another season

Times start to change in the world around us

New lives are beginning as old ones are ending

The once extraordinary and beautiful earth is dying


Barely caring about the environment that supports us

Pesticides killing more than just bugs to feed us

Animals taken for granted as the dwindle to nothing

Living things hurt for our own sometimes selfish needs


Wilderness act passed but who’s truly enforcing it

One species after another gone like the wind

Endangered act trying to do the best they can

But animals here long before us are nonexistent


Clean water act passed but is it even really clean

Were ruining the thing that keeps every living thing alive

Oil spill after oil spill destroying habitats

Taking away too many homes that aren’t even ours


Forest gorgeous and thriving whipped out

Trees of all sorts chopped down and never replaced

Buildings here and there spring up out of no where

Cutting down on our now limited amount of oxygen


Clean air act passed, but it’s really not clean

Pollution is awaiting at every corner where turn

Rising into the atmosphere and breaking it down

Melting every last ice cap day by day


Too consumed by our own wants to even care

Rarely taking the time to appreciate what we have

Turning into the environments worst enemy each minute

Soon what will be left of this once beautiful place


Earth is falling apart in front of our eyes

Losing small pieces of ourselves as it does

One day though it will fight back

When that day comes the environment will win

And when it does we’ll probably lose

© 2011 Sports Girl

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Added on March 26, 2011
Last Updated on March 26, 2011


Sports Girl
Sports Girl

Hampton, NH

Well the last time I came on here was 3 years ago and I was 16. Now I'm 20 and at lot has changed, but a lot also hasn't changed at all. I'm now in college with a major for businesses administration w.. more..

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A Poem by Sports Girl