An Orange Lament

An Orange Lament

A Poem by ~Artemis~

The poets who wield the English language be cruel indeed.


Roses may be red
And violets may be blue
But peaches must be pink
To keep things in sync.

For there are mountains filled with fountains
And bird that fly high in the sky.
There are odes of blackberries, strawberries
Raspberries, blueberries and elderberries

There are even nectarines and tangerines
And clementine’s given to valentines;
But their cousin’s virtues remain unsung
On its phonetics they are hung.

It wonders how it feels to burn with desire
And wouldn’t fanning the flames cause a wildfire?
It cannot bemoan its sorrowful soul
Followed so cleverly by an areole.

And though less unfortunate that with baited breath
It will never taste the kiss of death,
Still it longs for whispering sweet love
As magnificent as the stars above

Ignorance may be bliss
But to never bask in true love’s kiss?
Never tossed to and fro by a raging sea
And crying out to the waves, "Oh Agony!"

Speak not of it thumping on the floor
Lest we lose the chance to say nevermore,
And unlike the far less interesting there
It can never be pared with Gossomere.

It has no friend among daze, maze, blaze, or days,
Never will it raise, raze or feel the sun’s rays.
Aghast it watches as wood
Is so carelessly paired with blood.

But it will not go quietly into the night
It will end its bitter plight,
For though the world be dark and cold
All that glitters isn’t orange.

© 2015 ~Artemis~

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Added on February 23, 2015
Last Updated on February 23, 2015
Tags: orange, satire, humor, comedy. rhymes, cliches, lyrical



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