Undying Love

Undying Love

A Chapter by Luna

Hmm. I guess I was in a romantic mood. This is based off of an odd series of dreams that keep replaying lately. It is kind of difficult to explain...

We grow up together,
From the cribs
We were fated to be lovers.
Forget about the arranged marriage.
We would run through the field,
My dress flying behind me,
Our hands held.
From age ten,
I knew I was falling for you fast.
My family moved to America.
Before we boarded the plane
You pulled me close
And kissed me,
Our first kiss
Even though we were only thirteen.
Everyday I wrote to you,
Spending a fortune on postage,
And you did the same.
At fifteen we got phones,
Texting each other,
Calling each other.
Though we were in different time zones
You would always answer
And so would I.
We were allowed to date,
The engagement wasn't official yet.
I could feel each time you kissed another girl,
Each one feeling like you were ripping out my heart.
At age sixteen,
My parents died
And I moved in with my brothers.
So many things happened that year,
All of them bad.
I wanted to hurt myself
But I couldn't,
I knew you would always be there
And I couldn't bring myself to hurt you.
One day,
I came home from school,
Ran to my room,
And found you lying on my bed.
My brothers brought you here as a surprise,
They told me you were living with us,
That your grandfather was letting you.
I burst into tears and fell into your arms,
The year magically getting better with your arrival.
My love for you is undying.
You will always be in my heart,
No matter the distance.

© 2010 Luna

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I swear I felt a tear welling up... This poem was beautiful. Very romantic, full of feeling. I really do enjoy this poem for the fact that I have thought of things like this myself but never put them down on paper.
Amazing write.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Civil War Capital, VA

I am a helpless romantic who also loves to attempt to write romance adventure (my novel Maiden Voyage for example) but I tend to try to stick more to poetry. I am southern (yes, I do have an accent) a.. more..

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