Love is Like a Lemon

Love is Like a Lemon

A Chapter by Luna

Love is like a lemon,
It starts out sour
But, with a little luck, can become sweet.

Love is like a corn kernel,
There are many of them
But, they are all different from the other in some way.

Love is like an apple,
It is nice and shiny on the outside
But, it is sweet and fleshy on the inside.

Love is like a song,
It can start out melodic
But, no matter what, it will end at some point.

© 2010 Luna

Author's Note

This is old

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Dear Luna,

Though you may perceive this as old, it is very great material. Thank you for the read request and stanza work can be tricky. It's very cute too. Me, myself, and I... do not know what love is. Love is like a lot of illustrations but you did use some good ones, like comparing love to an apple and to a corn kernel. Love is a meaningful and blessed, cherished thing. Though I do not have love in my life, I wish to someday find someone. "Love is like an apple, it is nice and shiny on the outside; but, it is sweet and fleshy on the inside." I loved these lines most of all out of all of the lines. Me and love poems don't get along. And trust in what Coyote and Ms. Alz said below. They know what they're talking about. [; Personally, I was surprised that it was only four stanzas. This poem could have went on four about a good amount of ten stanzas. Thank you for sharing, Luna. Love 'ya. 9/10.

S. W. Scaggs

Posted 10 Years Ago

It is old and I like this one a lot. In so few words you told a story of love. I like all the lines. My favorite is the ending. A outstanding poem.

Posted 10 Years Ago

Aweee... the last stanza made my eyes widen and my jaw drop a bit... Meaning, the end was a twist, but the overall poem was simply beautiful and amazing :) I love this poem a lot, good job ^^

Posted 10 Years Ago

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