The Orphan Disappearance

The Orphan Disappearance

A Story by Luna

I will always wonder why me, a poor orphan who don’t gots no ‘ome but the dark allies, was chose. I never done nothin’ but steal food and beg. I’s used to sneak for people but I quit ‘cause it was turnin’ into a problem. That’s the only way they could know ‘bout me ‘cause I’s don’t talk to no strangers. Anyway, if I did Billy and Joseph would be mad at me and kick me right on out o’ their kip. Then I would be dead and won’t be no ‘elp to Inspector Robert now would I?

This Inspector Robert came to me kip and put me in this fancy wagon. I wish I could ‘ave put it right in me sack but it was big and Mr. Inspector would ‘ave missed it too much. If it ain’t wanted I would take it but by the way ‘e looked ‘e ‘ad never walked in ‘is life. Boy, I wish I had all that food that he must ‘ave ate. All that I ever ate now is soggy bread an’ watered down milk left on the stoop of porches. It was different when ma and pap was livin’ but can’t change the present.

Well, theys sits me down and tell me that I am wanted to do some sort o’ sneakin’ after this Inspector guy. Copperfield is what they says but I ain’t sure that that’s ‘is real name. I need to find out wer he’s been takin’ all them orphan’s and what ‘e’s been doin’ with ‘em. I didn’t want to do it, me bein’ an orphan an’ all. I took it anyway ‘cause they show me the moneys and get me new clothes and stuff for me ‘air. They also gets me food. It was good! I couldn’t not take the sneakin’ ‘cause it’s gonna make me set fer life. Theys also got Billy workin’ for ‘em as well. Don’t know why ‘cause Billy sure can’t sneak like me. That guy is nice an’ all but you can ‘ear ‘im coming a ‘alf a kilo away. ‘E could break concrete if ‘e wanted, the way ‘e walks. Sounds like thunder if you ask me! But, ‘e came to the kip like ‘e was all high an’ mighty ‘cause ‘e actually got buttons on ‘is pants an’ shirt. I ain’t wearin’ me dress, gonna save it for sneakin’ and all. Don’t wanna waste it.

“Madylin, you need to start your sneakin’ today. I need this info and you know it.” Inspector Robert told me. “Billy has already started and found out alot of things that we need.”

“I ain’t been told what I needs to find out!” I told ‘im ‘cause it’s true. I was back in that wagon and sittin’ in a dress. Those things ain’t too comfy.

“We told Billy to tell you. Did he?”

“’E don’t tell me nothin’.  ‘E keeps on athinkin’ ‘e’s all ‘igh an’ mighty. Thinks ‘e’s better than us cause ‘e gots a super sneakin’ mission an’ ‘e’s the only one whos gots it. That is thanks to you ‘cause that’s what yous told ‘im!” I says in a way I thinks is po-li-te.

“Madylin, plea…” Robert starts.

“My name ain’t Madylin! It’s Madie and don’t please me cause I ain’t to dang pleased!”

“Alright…Madie, you need to find out what he’s been doing in his house. Some orphan’s have gone missing on the street and we saw him talking to a little girl who went missing. We think he murders them so peek into the windows of his house and find out. Follow him if you think it will help. Every bit of helpful information you give us will earn you gold.” Robert tells me.

“I’ll start when I cans, which is now!” I told ‘im all excitedly ‘cause I could use the money.

‘E lets me out o’ that wagon and I walks to “Inspector Copperfield’s” ‘ouse.

“What you doing ‘ere Madie? You ain’t suppose to be ‘ere. Go back to the kip or go an’ beg fer money.” Billy tells me but I ain’t gonna listen to ‘im ‘cause why should I listen to a guy who thinks ‘e’s all high an’ mighty when ‘e’s not.

“Jus’ doin’ me job. Gotta sneak after this Inspector guy who been stealin’ orphans off the street. Copperfield is what they tells me but I think it’s phony.” I tells ‘im cause I find it mean not to tell people when they asks a question.

“You ain’t got no job, Madie. What you talkin’ ’bout?” ‘e asks me ‘cause ‘e is too dumb to think ‘bout what I says.

“I ‘ave a job that is getting’ me gold coins and dresses like this un ‘ere so if you don’t thinks I ‘ave a job then go to Inspector Robert.” I says in a mean tone.

“Oh, yous just jokin’ wi’h me.” ‘E says cause ‘e don’t knows what else to say.

“Why would me be jokin’ ‘bout money now. Yous knows me better than that. At least, I thoughts you knows me better than that.” I says to ‘im in a way I never ‘eard me talk before.

“Fine, be rude. I’m campin’ out in that ally ther’ t’night sos, when you go back to the kip, tell Joe fer mes.” ‘E told me but I ignored ‘im ‘cause why should I listen to a guy that was a jerk to me.

            When I got there the next day, I found him layin’ on his side on the doorstep.

            “Billy?” I says but ‘e don’t say nothin’.

            “Billy?” I says again and kicks ‘is back known ‘e would wake up if I did.

            “Billy?” I say a final time and rolled ‘im over. When I saw that ‘e was pale and blood was tricklin’ down ‘is front and ‘is mouth and ‘is ‘ead, also. “’E’s dead!!” I say out loud and start on runnin’ to the kip, but it be too late.

A ‘and is on me boney shoulder and spinnin’ me round and then there is one on me other arm and pickin’ me up. I starts screamin’ for ‘elp but the person kick mes. I stops screamin’ but starts squirmin’ round in ‘is ‘old. I turn round and see ‘is face. Don’t know who it is and ‘e can see it in me face.

“I am Inspector Copperfield and I have been keeping my eyes on you. You have been sneaking after me for a day or two and I want to know why. If you won’t tell me openly I will have my way with you and I will enjoy it.” ‘E tells me and I starts screamin’ again. “This is my home and I will invite you into my room. I will not hurt you unless you refuse to tell me why you are sneaking after me. You look like a daughter of a wealthy man so I will hold you ransom after I get the info from you. Sneaking is usually for orphans so that is why I am surprised to see a wealthy girl like you. What a nice change!”

“I ain’t no wealthy thin’! Get yous ‘ands off mes now before I get Robert to gets yous! You killed me friend and yous will pay fer it!” I kick out and ‘it ‘im in a tender place. ‘E let goes of me shoulders and falls to the ground with an OOOF! I stand up and starts to runnin’ out o’ that ‘ouse and to the kip when I h’ears ‘im yellin’.

“POLICE! POLICE! I WAS ROBBED BY A GIRL IN A BLUE DRESS! STOP HER! STOP HER, PLEASE!!!!!” ‘E’s yellin’ out ‘is door. Then I ‘eard them foots beats on the rock.

I keept runnin’ ‘til I sees the kip. “JOSEPH! JOSEPH! BILLY IS DEAD! ‘ELP ME! I’M BEIN’ CHASED BY THE COPS! I AIN’T DONE NOTHIN’ WRONG!” I yells t’ ‘im in a mad sweat. “I DON’T WANNA DIE!” I cries out to Joseph as ‘e comes runnin out o’ the kip. I falls into ‘is arms and cry an’ cry.

“What ‘appened to you now Madie?” Joseph says to mes in a sweet voice.

“The cops! They wants t’ get me and bring me backs to this Inspector guy who’s gonna kill me! I DON’T WANNA DIE!” I yells in a tearful voice.

“Calm down. They won’t let you go to a guy who’s gonna kill you.”

“You’re under arrest! Anything you say and do can and will be held against you in the court of law!” says t’e comin’ cops as theys get close and close to the like o’ me. T’e tears starts flowin’ ‘gain. They take me from Joseph an’ ‘andcuff mes. Then they picks mes up and take mes to the big ‘ouse.

Week later, I’s in court. Theys goin’ to give mes t’ Copperfield. I ain’t too ‘appy when theys says thats I’s ‘is and start to spray out whatever word I’s can. Robert is there and tryin’ to stop ‘em from takin’ me but ‘e’s losin’. Theys uncuff mes and throws mes into a wagon wi’h Copperfield. I’s start screamin’ ‘gain but ‘is ‘and is over me mouth.

“Screaming can’t save you now that you are mine so you might as well not waste your breath. You are my slave and I am going to force you to tell me why you were sneaking after me or you will be my pleasure. If you do tell me then you will still be my pleasure, just like all the other orphans but I will not kill you. You are way to pretty to kill and you will be my young wife.” ‘E say t’ mes and then laughs wi’h pure pleasure and evil.

I screams and screams as he drags me wigglin’ body up the stairs and into his room, were he has rope tied to the bed posts. ‘E begins t’ tie mes to the bed when I stops screamin’ and kick out with all me might. ‘E catch me foots and stumble back at the power but continues t’ tie. ‘E finish tyin’ mes to the beds then gets on top o’ me and starts askin’ mes questions. Each question I’s don’t answer ‘e gets closer to mes and smack mes.

“Yous gonna kill mes! I’s too young t’ die! Please don’t hurts mes! I’s done nothin’ t’ hur’ you! Please!!! WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” I blubbers and cries and begs. Ever’ time I’s do this ‘e get close and close and close ‘til ‘e’s layin’ next to me. ‘E ain’t got nothin’ on and ‘e’s startin’ to take me clothes off mes and I’s am panicin’ ‘til I’s ‘ear a knock on ‘is door.

I start to scream to let ‘em knows were I’s at. The door breaks down and ‘e runs to t’e privy. ‘E locks t’e doors an’ then runs back out. ‘E locks an’ blocks the room and continue ‘o undress mes. I’s screams all the more ‘til I ‘ear an ax ‘ittin’ the door. ‘E unties me ‘ands and’ get dress. I continue screamin’ me ‘ead off. When the door flies open, ‘e smacks mes on the face to make it looks like I was abeggin’ ‘im to take me. I’s buttons up and ran out o’ t’e room.

“Don’t run or I will kill you!” ‘E screamin’ at me as I run down into t’e ally two ‘ouses down. Tears blur me vision an’ I’s am runnin’ in circles as I’s come to the end of the ally.

“HA HA HA HA HA!!!!” I ‘ear as ‘e comes to the begin o’ me ally. “I’ve gotten you now! You will be mine!”

“’ELP!!!!!!!!!!!!” I’s scream at the top o’ me lungs as a shudder at the end of me ally. “’ELP ME! OH PLEASE LORD, ‘ELP ME!!!!!!!” I screams even louder than I did the time before. “JOSEPH, BILLY, ANYONE ‘ELP ME!!!!!!!!”

“WES COMIN’ MADIE!!!” I ‘ear Joseph scream.

YOW!! And a string o’ curses comes from the mouth o’ Copperfield. I stand up an’ see ‘im on the ground. Joseph stands over ‘im and look down.

“Is ‘e dead?” comes out o’ me lips in a whisper.

“No, jus’ knocked out.” Joseph tell mes.


“’Elp mes real quicks, Madie. Wes gonna tie ‘im to this pole tight and gget info from ‘im. The cops are comin’ and then theys will give us permission to kill ‘im.” Joseph tells me.

A little later the cops came like theys say theys would an’ poured cold water on ‘im. ‘E woke up like it was Christmas and saw mes.

Snarling, ‘e says, “You are mine!”

“Did ‘e tell you what ‘e did with t’e orphans?” th’e cops asked me.

“Yes, ‘e did.” I tell them.

“Then you ‘ave t’e ‘onors o’ killin’ ‘im.” They tells me.

“I’s do?”I says in wonder.

“Yes.” They says.

I’s takes t’e ax and kilt ‘im.

            I told them all the info I knew an’ they says that they were proud o’ me. They went and looked in the lake and that’s were them orphans were. Hard to believe that I might ‘ave ended up like that but I didn’t. instead, me an’ Joseph were adopted by Inspector Robert an’ ‘is wife. I was sent to school and Joseph joined the army. I made some friends an’ fixed me en-gil-ish. I am proud o’ meself and can’t wait till I am old enough to marry. I have fallen in love with a young man and ‘e fer me!

            So after we kilt him, we burned his body and heart to send ‘im to Satan and be in con-s-tan-t torture. I thought that fittin’ fer what he did to me an’ to those other orphans. Bless their souls an’ let ‘em rest in peace with their families.

© 2010 Luna

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Wow you nailed the accent. It's really hard to be able to pull that sort of thing off and you did and well. A creative story with a happy ending. Always a sucker for the happy endings. Really enjoyed this.

Posted 12 Years Ago

I loved it. You made this work, where other writer's could not... the accent was a perfect touch which seems to have caught many other's views! I love how you used it in the narration as well as dialogue. Great write!

Posted 12 Years Ago

i like it nthe accent is wonderful and well collored her accert is sorta funny though

Posted 12 Years Ago

Fun, loud, interesting, and attention-holding. Overall, a wonderful write. Kudos and thanks for sharing!!

Posted 12 Years Ago

i loved this! it was amazing and captiving. really vivid colorful piece, it was great keep up the great work

Posted 12 Years Ago

Love it, really vivid colourful piece. I have a similar accent in real life, so it made me laugh alot! A really great read.

Posted 12 Years Ago

i liked this alot thought the storyline and characters were great in this ... overall a very fun read ..nice job..

Posted 12 Years Ago

Wow.. this is amazing.. especially the language
Great write :)

Posted 12 Years Ago

Posted 12 Years Ago

The story is so good. You brought me into the story and I couldn't stop reading. I like the pace of the story. The language was a amazing. You can write. The character in the story were interesting. A outstanding story. Thank you.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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