Dear girl

Dear girl

A Story by Luna

My current situation.

Dear girl,
how come every time I am happy you insist on finding a way to destroy it? I mean, yes you dated him first but that doesn't mean that you have a right to tell me that saying yes to him when he asked me out was wrong. God forbid I don't do what her royal highness says! I get that you still liked him but I think I may be entitled to some happiness. Anyway, it is two months past the day he asked me out and you have a boyfriend. Why is this even coming up? Aren't you happy with him? Dear girl, why don't you understandvtjat inreally don't giveva care about what you think? I mean, you can tell me how horrible I am all you want but it really doesn't affect me anymore. You can tell me what I did was wrong but you are the one who broke his heart. He was willing to give you a secondbut you blew it by telling him to wait a couple of months. Ok, he said he would. Ok, he said he would never like me. Things change and you need to move on. I'm not going to break up with him just to make you happy just like I wasn't going to say no to him just because you liked him. Silly girl, you don't run my life, you don't make my choices. I do. So butt out, got it?

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this is so true. there are some girls out there that just want to ruin you to make them selves better.. it never works though. you will always come out on top

Posted 11 Years Ago

Some girls can be so dumb I went thought the same thing when i was in school wasn’t fun..

Posted 12 Years Ago

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