Mai Nirbhaya Hu

Mai Nirbhaya Hu

A Poem by Anshuman Aryav

Dedicated to all the women and a tribute to Nirbhaya....




16 december ki thy wo raat,

Jab koi nahi tha mere saath.

Kar rahi intazar sarak pe,

Jab mai kharii akeli thy,

Na maa-peeta the mere saath,

Na hi koi saheli thy.

Haa mai aakeli thy.

Haa mai aakeli thy..

Thori daari....saahmi thy mai,

Dil me ajab ghabrahat thy,

Na jaane kiska saaya tha,

Na jaane kiski aahat thy..

Aagey jo hua saath mere,

Usko kaise batati mai,

Sabd bhi mil jaatey agar,

Dard nahi baat paati mai.

Na jaan kya-kya kiya mere saath,

Na jaane kitna peeta phir,

Bal pakar maara tha usne,

Sou bar mujhe ghaseeta phir..

Mai chickhti.

Mai chelaati thy..

Har bar unhe samjhaati thy,

Lekin un darindoo ko meri bat,

Samajh nahi aati thy....

Un darindoo ne mujhe kheloyna bana,

Khel-khel kar aab toor diya,

Phir fek mujhe sarko pe,

Martaa aakela choor diya..

Chikh-chikh kar,

Ro-ro kar aab,

Aashoo bhi mujhse ruth gayi,

Maa-peeta ki pakri ungli,

Kuch pal me hi chut gayi...

Phir seeyasat rajneeti me mai,

Bas ek laas ban kar reh gayi,

Phir moti-moti kitaboo me,

Etihaas ban kar reh gayi.

Aaj bhul gaye sab mujhe,

Nahi hu yaad kisiko mai,

Chalo koi bat nahi,

Tumhe mai hi yaad dilaa deeti hu,

Aur ek bar phir mai tum sab ko,

Nirbhaya se mila deeti hu...

Haa mai nirbhaya hu,

Haa mai ek stri hu,

Mai dharm hu,

Mai karma hu,

Mai kaal hu,

Mai kaali hu,

Mai laxmi hu,

Mai paarvati,

Mai hi sherawali hu..

Mai hanshvaahini hu,

Mai hi gyandaayani hu..

Mai kaavaya hu,

Mai kalaa hu,

Mai etihaas ki gourav gaatha hu,

Mai hi Sindhu,

Mai hi Yamuna,

Mai hi Ganga maata hu...

Mai aant hu......suruaat hu,

Mai har pal tere saath hu.

Mai dawaa hu,

Mai duaa hu,

Ha mai nirbhaya hu..

Ha mai nirbhaya hu..

Kalam uthaa haathoo me mai,

Hathiyaar bana kar gaa rahi hu,

Is puri duniya ke purush se,

Ek chota prashan uthaa rahi hu,

Is dard se bara kya koi dard ho saktaa hai?

Jo naari ka apmaan kare,

Kya wo mard ho saktaa hai?

Kya wo mard ho saktaa hai?

Aab kuch nahi chahti hu,

Bas itna hi mangti hu,

Ki ek lau....ek mashal,

Tm aapne andaar jalne do,

Bahar bujh jaye hazaro mumbatiyaa,

Andar ki aag ko jaltey rehne do...

Bahar bujh jaye hazaro mumbatiyaa,

Andar ki aag ko jaltey rehne do...

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© 2018 Anshuman Aryav

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Featured Review

Kehta yeh pal...khudse nikal...jeete hai chal...jeete hai chal!
A man never hurts women...yess men never...coz the one who does is never a man....Actually he could never grab the opportunity to have the honour of being a man!!
This is can a person stoop so's the example....I wish they had knew that harassment can't be done only by men...when at actual it knows no gender...nonetheless they'll never mend their ways......

It's really powerful writing...thanks for sharing Anshu!

Posted 1 Year Ago

2 of 2 people found this review constructive.

Anshuman Aryav

1 Year Ago

Thank you so much Tahsin...
And I absolutely agree with your words..

1 Year Ago



It's worth reading.
Just keep it up..

Posted 9 Months Ago

Very emotional and touching...

Posted 9 Months Ago

Worth reading. This is the serious issue in this country right now. But instead of solving this our politicians are busy in humiliating each other. But as a part of society it's upto everyone of us to stand against such people.
Keep on writing!

Posted 9 Months Ago

very touching, very emotional, We havent forgotten Nirbhaya

Posted 10 Months Ago

Anshuman Aryav

10 Months Ago

A poetry worth reading,
Keep it up🙂

Posted 10 Months Ago

Anshuman Aryav

10 Months Ago

Thanks for reading and visiting..
Great poem. These type of men are like black spot in our society and deserve even more grave punishment then being hanged up. It's a powerful poem and a tribute to all the victims.

Really very nice work 👍

Posted 11 Months Ago

Anshuman Aryav

11 Months Ago

Thank you so much. I am glad that you liked this.
These day I am working on the second part o.. read more

11 Months Ago

You're welcome :)
You are right Anshuman that there is some animals type humans who just refers womens as a playing material . Mujhe to man karta hei ki in darindon ko itna main ki bo kisi women ko akh utha kar dekh se bhi darenge . Good job .Keep writing( smiles ) 😊😊😊

Posted 1 Year Ago

Anshuman Aryav

1 Year Ago

Thank you so much Taniska..
And I am glad to see that there are few people like you intereste.. read more
Taniska  &#128522;&#128522;

1 Year Ago

Your most welcome !! 😄😄😄
I like your poem and the point you have made. You have question lot of stereotypes which needs to be vanished. But I really think as youth of this country we should not only speak about rape when someone has died...the stereotype that exist in our culture come from a long time and hence to vanish we need to something everyday in our personal life. Make sure we recognize our own stereotype and work on that to make this world a better place. Thank your poem have gave me chance to me speak my thoughts.

Posted 1 Year Ago

Anshuman Aryav

1 Year Ago

I agree..
Thanks for reading..
Very elegant and outstanding poem. It's overwhelming to know that even now people exists who are bold and brave enough to write on topics such as rape and rapists and especially the victim. When I first read the title I thought about the cliche rape poems where the girl tries to fight back and with her luck or so-called power of hope is saved from being raped and becomes a hero. You made the girl in the narration a legend after she was raped. The girl in your poem is a symbol about showing that it's not always about the narrowly-saved victims but the one who has faced the worst can also become a ray of hope. The rape topic trend started in India with the highly hyped news about 2012 delhi gang rape case but ended so soon. Neither media nor politicians are addressing or debating over rape issues these days. Sorry for putting such irrelevant details but I wanted you to know that continue writing such poems and more importantly continue SPREADING such poems far and wide. Don't let the rape issue sleep like the fashion trends or the women will be in danger. Even if this poem makes one person passionate to do something, the objective of the poem will be done. Seriously I have became your fan after reading this.

Posted 1 Year Ago

Anshuman Aryav

1 Year Ago

o my god....Thank you so much for this lovely review.. And absolutely I will keep on writing on thos.. read more
I really liked this poem and I am more happy because a boy wrote this...Aur pata nahi hamare is desh me aur kitni ladkiyo ko nirbhaya banana padhega..Na jaane kab khatam hoga ye silsila..Barso se chahe vo sita ho ya Draupadi , ek stri ko hi kyo sab kuch sehna padta hai...Aur aise bhi kaafi cases hai jaha par ab tak insaaf nahi mila hai..
I just hope that every boy and every man should start thinking like you , then this will never happen..A beautifully written poem.
Keep on writing..

Posted 1 Year Ago

Anshuman Aryav

1 Year Ago

Thanks for reading...

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Added on April 11, 2018
Last Updated on April 18, 2018
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