Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey

A Story by Ashley Underdue

How ice hockey began and started.


       Have you ever heard of ice hockey? Ice hockey is a sport that men usually do. Well yes, women do play this sport too, but some do it in different ways. I’m happy you asked, girls do it in finger skating or even in just the regular way, or in ice skating. 

Ice hockey is a team sport when skaters would use a hockey stick. A hockey stick is a wooden stick that the skater uses when he hits a puck. The puck is a flat, solid, black disk-shaped object. A hockey puck is made out of vulcanized rubber.  Vulcanized rubber is a chemical reaction with rubber or plastic to cause something called cross-linking of the polymer chains.

I bet you don’t know when the first game of ice hockey was made. The first game of ice hockey was in 1875. But the first formal game of ice hockey was in 1855. McGill University started playing Ice Hockey in the 1870s. A former student at McGill University wrote the first set of rules of ice hockey. The former student was W.L. Robertson. After that Canada’s Governor, Lord Stanley of Preston.

Thats what ice hockey is, when ice hockey began, and how ice hockey began. 

© 2012 Ashley Underdue

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its so great i wanted to read it again

Posted 8 Years Ago

it was very nice,it was extreamly good. it had a lot of information on it that i didn't know!!!! Great Job

Posted 8 Years Ago

This was going to be an report for gym class a long time ago at my school but i chose that i'd just right it as something on here so everyone could see!!! :)

Posted 8 Years Ago

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