The Asburyian Sun

The Asburyian Sun

A Story by asianeaster915

A descriptive poem about how the sun warms the heart and brings light to not only the earth, but the soul; expressing the sheer beauty of God's majestic creation.


The sunset out of my frosty window is blistering hot in the harsh winter cold. 
It's as bright as the stars shining abroad the sky, beckoning the earth beneath and all the passerby. 
Oh wonderful sun! Don't reject the day; turn around and hide in grey. 

Come back to us and warm the moment! To be without you is an ache to my soul!
My heart's doors beckon you to shine through the corridors of this old house. 
I want to feel the tender tingle of light you wrap around my skin. 

Do you have to depart? Why can't you stay! Oh please don't hide my sunshine rays.
Your fading in the black, and I can no longer feel you near.
The mood gets cold as I feel a tear. 

Come back! Come back! You've gone to soon! Now all that's left is me and the moon. 
Your light is so much brighter and fills my heart with gladness! 
Now all i've got is rigid sadness. 

This moon cannot compare to the splendor you exhibit!
Come back to see me soon and then...

Another day I too can face with luminosity. 

Farewell my dear friend; my comfort in the day. 
I look forward to your greeting in the early morning lay. 


© 2013 asianeaster915

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Added on March 13, 2013
Last Updated on March 13, 2013
Tags: sun, moon, earth, creation, outdoors



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