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Unfinished but what i have so far.



It was a cool night as the patrol made their way along a path cut into the valleys of the eastern peaks of the Brynn Mountain range, in north eastern Jaedune. The sun had just sunk behind the jagged peaks and darkness was beginning to really sink in. Bugs chirped in the trees and nocturnal creatures scattered as the 28-man patrol came along the path. One of two moons shined on the group as it headed towards a snake of smoke trailing out of the forest in the next valley over. Though the group had a rather brisk pace, many were conversing among themselves in generally low tones. One man was very animated and loud as he portrayed an officer back at the base in Ardara City, several days travel behind them.

The man in the lead, Blain, carried a torch and had an irritated look on his face. Brownish red eyes peered out at the forest around him. His kindly face was etched with unease, framed in a mane of black hair and a carefully tended beard. He was very tall, standing head and shoulders above most, including all seven of the women present, with very broad shoulders and incredibly muscular arms. The torchlight glinted off of his steel breastplate and made him feel very vulnerable. He fingered the hilt of the steel longsword at his hip nervously as they made their way into the night, the arrows and bow strapped to his shoulder brushed together softly with every stride he took. Blain would have preferred to travel in darkness, but the others had protested, claiming that moonlight alone could not light their path enough.

The cause for his irritation tonight was Aiden, the loud mouth behind him. Aiden was one of only four of those present that were a higher rank than Blain. Being a higher ranking soldier, Aiden should have been setting an example and keeping his mouth shut, or at least keeping his voice down. They were traveling through valleys that were rarely ever visited by humans, and Blain had a bad feeling sinking into his gut that something was going to happen. And to top it off, he was one of the few who insisted on torches tonight. Aiden was one of Blain's good friends but he was pushing his luck. A breeze rose at their backs and a shiver ran down Blain's spine, setting his hair on edge. He scanned the valley and glanced back at his comrades.

'Only a little farther' He thought to himself.

Their base camp for the night was in the next valley, only a short march over the next ridge. Rowan had taken his brothers and gone ahead, preparing the campsite and cooking dinner for the patrol. The wind shifted in their direction and Blain smelled beans and venison cooking. A small sigh went through the soldiers as the breeze promised them dinner, and they quickened their pace. The smell of cooking meat even got Aiden to shut his mouth, at least until he could cram it with food.

Blain turned his attention back to the path, which was starting to work its way up and over the ridge. A loose sprawling of trees spread out to either side of the dirt path, with dense, low vegetation filling in the gaps. With a low breeze, anything could be movement and he had to stay calm to keep from jumping at every branch that waved in the wind. The knot in his stomach loosened slightly at the thought of food, but he was still very wary of the road ahead, the boding feeling in his stomach still lingered, warning him to stay alert.

“I think I see them!” Kael hissed from the edge of camp, pointing at a blink of light that had just bobbed over the top of the ridge.

Rowan set the ladle he was mixing the beans with on the edge of the pot and stood back from the cooking pit, a long rectangular pit sunk about an arms length into the ground, with river stones lining the edges and the bottom. Six iron rods were driven into the ground at intervals around the pit, and several had pots suspended from the hooks at their tips. Half of the pit had a raging fire going, flames licking the bottom of pots brimming with beans and corn. The other half was a glowing bed of hot coals, which had several slabs of meat cooking over it, deer caught just a few hours ago. Rowan glanced over at Aekley, the hunter responsible for the feast over the fire, who was currently seated around the only fire pit with life in it, gazing thoughtfully into the flames.

“Aldrich. Why don't you help Kley light up the other fires huh? The others will be here soon and you know how they love complaining.” Rowan addressed his younger brother, who was on the edge of camp, glancing at where Kael had pointed and the bobbing light of the patrol as they made their way down the incline. At the sound of his name, Aldrich started, and jumped to face his oldest brother.

“Okay Rowan, whatever you say brother!” Aldrich spewed out as he jumped to complete the task set before him. Being the youngest of the four, it was Aldrich's first cycle in the King's service, and his first patrol duty. Rowan was nervous at bringing him along, but he couldn't stand the thought of Aldrich being alone from his brother's protection in Ardara. Though young and promising, Aldrich would have been picked on mercilessly in his brother's absence. Aldrich could hold his own in a fight and he was damn talented at swinging an ax, but he was helpless against the other men. And there were more than a few who were still spiteful at Rowan's fast advancements through the ranks, adding fuel to their fire. Aldrich was safer with his brothers.

“Kael check on the meat, gods forbid we burn any of it. Aiden would have a fit” Rowan said to Kael, who was still gazing at the quickly approaching patrol.

Kael waved at him, “eh, we'll give him the burnt pieces than.”

“Oh that would just make his night” Aekley said as he wooed a fire into one of the pits.

“Yeah, which would make our lives, particularly yours Kael because I would blame it all on you, that much more difficult”

© 2011 Jerbear The Great

Author's Note

Jerbear The Great
This is a very rough and unfinished first draft but i wanted feedback, so tell me what you think.

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