My Confession

My Confession

A Poem by Aswin R Prasad

Something that i've been holding in for a while now! :)

Never thought it would come to this,
You're the one I never wanna miss..
There's only a few days left,
Last of when you and I'll be together,
I really wanna get this weight off my chest,
And tell you I'll want you forever!
But i'm scared..
I'm scared of how you'll take this,
I just wanna make this,
As simple as it'll ever get..
And I won't ever regret saying this!
I never knew that we'd be so close,
From strangers to best friends,
And now this is what i choose,
To see how the rules will bend,
And to make you my only choice! 
You can be my one and only,
Without you, I feel so lonely,
I just went with the flow,
In my life,
Only you were my highs and lows,
You made me smile,
And seeing you smile,made me feel alive! 
Now I know why we keep fighting..
It's 'cuz this is not what we're supposed to be,
With you my heart keeps igniting,
With sparks of love,it keeps lighting..
And if you see this rhyme of mine,
Please be free to be blind,
And tell me what you feel from inside,
As open as an open book,I'll be waiting.. 
This is my confession,
Which gave me nothing but suffocation..
This is my confession,
Hope this won't turn to a regression..
This is my confession,
Something that I've been keeping a suppression! 
"I love you".."I don't wanna lose you.."!
Falling for you was the best mistake ever
And I wish I could keep you forever! 
And this is my confession..
It's been spreading in my heart like an infection!

© 2016 Aswin R Prasad

Author's Note

Aswin R Prasad
Just a feeling that i felt once.. nothing more nothing less.. 😉
Like always,the words got yo me! ;P

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You really express your feelings very well. I liked this one.

Posted 3 Years Ago

I loved it!!
Great for Valentines Day!
Keep it up!!

Posted 5 Years Ago

Nice work mate,if you can only express how you feel through writing thats good too,i do that i lot but then try to take a huge leap of faith i am sure things will work out your dont want to got through what i went through when she start telling me about her new men.

Posted 5 Years Ago

Hey guy,
Sbe will love this.!!
You know I love your work. I get every wind of the issue as it twists itscrealitg into mine. A couple of fhings. When your leading into it. I think maybe the present tense, finality of the time and where you are slide abit.If she smiles back can you still be together, I wanna know . There's only a few days left,
Last of when you and I'll be together,
I really wanna get this weight off my chest,
And tell you I'll want you forever!
I'll is future tense. Do you mean "I know now that I'll want you forever? Or something in the present tense, or not. I just want to know as a reader and your work is to good for me to not mention the tiniest fhoughts as I read. Only as a fan! Keep sending me your work. I think you are a natural at exactly what your doing. Respectfully and Humbly I thank you... I want to know more about this vision of a woman. I have a request I'll bet the things you could tell me about her eyes, her hair, details of her smiles, the laughs, the faces, her walk, how she stands when shes talking to you. You just said she has you falling for her and is igniting sparks of love. The romantic in me thinks you would say it beautifully. I'd love to hear more !! But, thanks for this. She must be inspiring.... Wish I would have written my thoughts down at 17. Always 100

Posted 5 Years Ago

Wow. I've really like this poem. The last few lines starting from "Something I've been keeping a suppression" got me thinking of my own personal experience. I've been wanting to write out these emotions and it's been hard to. Good job

Posted 5 Years Ago

And what planet did you come from??? Because your writing is much more disciplined than 98.5% of 17 year-olds I know....... I hope you have plans to attend some professional writing courses or some free writing seminars....... If this is not a passion.... maybe it should be a career choice...... Love it hunn!!!!!!

Posted 5 Years Ago

Aw... I see! So, the poem you wrote about the fight between your best friend and this one is connected, isn't that right? Or am I mistaken? Anyway, I love how you are able to express your feelings to that special someone. If she reads this, I think she will be surprised. No critiques from me. I can't changed the words that formed your emotions. Good luck! That's all I wish for you. ;)

Posted 5 Years Ago

I have a small suggestion. Make a wordle of your poem. I wouldn't be surprised if "this" was one of the biggest words. The issue is defining what "this" is wastes lines when you could tell us in the line exactly what it is. I really this you're voice, that's been constant throughout my reviews. I really enjoy reading you.

Posted 5 Years Ago

this is a beautiful poem. I really love how much your emotions come through. good luck with your friend I hope things work out for you and thank you for sharing this poem

Posted 5 Years Ago

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A lovely poem of your own Romeo and Juliet of undying love and devotion but with a happy ending and much happiness I hope. Good luck with your pursuit, but don't come on too strong! Girls like a challenge too!:)

Posted 5 Years Ago

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Aswin R Prasad

5 Years Ago

Thank you so much.. :)

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Aswin R Prasad
Aswin R Prasad

Payyanur, Kannur, India

I'm 18. I've been writing poems since for a while now..Most of the poems i write are based on my feelings.. The poems i write are mostly unorthodox and i tend to keep it that way! ;) Also love t.. more..

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