Jimmy Buffet's Granola Fantasy Canteen

Jimmy Buffet's Granola Fantasy Canteen

A Poem by lauren oh!

I think I'm on psychedelic drugs even when I'm not on psychedelic drugs.

The Yesterday Man’s gone for Un-Pleasanton,
his mother is EndGame.
She died laughing.
Right on schedule.
(the tipsy gypsies are very punctual)
a mild epoxy sludge oozing over peeling rubber tiling,
the doors of the School of the Human Condition yawn open
with the lovestink of Being and Fluffiness.
It is Elephanturion, most notorious tora tora bora of the holidays,
and I’ll yo yo Go the Philateist Dances.until this big shiny planet is smaller from my feet. I’ll lead the million mime march screaming;
I’ll do the High Street Modern ‘till I discover the Essence of Popcorn, and maybe even after that.
I am the Zen Monster.
I’m a prophylactic balloon animal artist,
using only my pinky toes.
In my marmalade parade there are kettle drums and war cannons
and as a special treat,
my pet rock band will play “Blue Suede Shoes”.
Dance the Lotus Boogie-
It’s not every day you get stranded in the present.
I swallowed the sun for an afternoon snack,
and chased it with Groove Juice.
“Your Majesty the Royal Lush”
and I’m hit-and-run happy.
Someone dropped a love bomb in Darwin’s lagoon
which shook Pickled Pete straight out his Jesus Jeans,
shot him clean to the tentacles of Cinderella Jellyfish,
and he’s gleaming stainless mouth-catching her jellypoppers-
one arc takes them from her jiggly juices to his hungry head.
Looks like I’m the fool on the pill.
My brain’s gone bad, but it’s better than ever,
And although we’re creeping to the end of now
there’s just enough time for the Nostalgia Dive..
“Who’s sane?” I bellow at their faces.
“Not I!”
“I love nothing!” we bellow,
and as one kingfisher dive down the liquid mountain.

                                                                               Into Obscurity… And Beyond! 

© 2009 lauren oh!

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YES! Your imagery and vocab blow my mind...your whole style does. I often feel higher than I am too.

Posted 15 Years Ago

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Added on February 14, 2009


lauren oh!
lauren oh!

Allston, MA

Sometimes I'm a crazy wildchild pseudo-bohemian neohippie party animal. Other times I am not. But I will be making stories either way. more..