Whenever...I'll be there

Whenever...I'll be there

A Poem by Rose

This is Cher's birthday tribute to Ruth


Whenever you need; I’ll be there

Whatever you want; I’ll be there

Whenever you call; I’ll be around

Whenever you need me; I’ll be there

I’ll be there whenever you need a quiet voice and a friendly ear

When you need to talk, to gripe, or shed life’s cares

We’ll laugh and we’ll cry; and I’ll dry those tears

I’ll be around when you need a hand, a hug, or just a companion near

I’ll be there to hold you, to guide you and see you through

To lend you my faith when you’ve lost all your own.

You’re my friend, and I love you

So whenever you need me, just call, and I’m there

Whatever you want, just make that call-and I’m there

I’ll be there whenever you want just a little time out: A little pampering, a little fun

We’ll escape the blues and paint the town red

I’ll spoil and indulge you, so wipe off that frown

you’re a diva, you’re a queen, so put your feet up m’lady, right now you’re the star

I’ll paint up your nails before scrubbing your heels

Give you a facial before coiffing your hair; or maybe just a wig will do?

We’ll shop at the mall, then catch a dinner and a movie

We’ll dine on shrimp cocktail and lobster bisque

Or red snapper quaffed down with wine

At our regular spot we’ll have our fill

‘Dessert? Have whatever you like

‘Girlfriend relax, cause tonight; I’m footing the bill’

Or whenever you want, we’ll take lazy strolls

Through the parkways of Brooklyn, or just the Promenade

We’ll amble through gardens or fly us a kite

Or let fly balloons with our hopes soaring high

Or maybe you want just to hold up at home

We’ll order a pizza and stay up the night

Or…pop up the popcorn with homemade ice cream

While watching some chickflick on cable tv

You always cried when Jack kissed Rose

And laughed till you cried at the three buffoons

Or maybe: we’ll just dish out some laughs as we speak in hushed tones

Or I’ll read you a book as you dream in repose

Then I’ll soothe your creased brows as you sleep in my lap

Whenever you call; I’ll be around

I’ll be around whenever you call, at anytime: day or night

Call when it’s snowing, the sky darkening, the world freezing outside

Call when it’s raining, the tears pouring and you’re drowning inside

Call when you’re raging and seething, your banks overflowed

Call when it seems you’re been swept in a flood of your fears

Call when you’re mopey or sad; just lonely or bored

We’ll play backgammon or baccarat; dance the belly dance

Call me when you’re down, I’ll uplift you and sing your praise

Call when you need to touch, when you need my embrace

Call when you’re lost and need a guiding light

Call when in need of strength and hope

Call when you need to hear:‘I’ll be there, my friend’

Just call whenever you need me, and I’ll be right there

Whenever you want; I’ll be there

Whatever you need; I’ll be there

Whenever you call; I’ll be around

© 2014 Rose

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Added on August 18, 2014
Last Updated on August 18, 2014
Tags: friendship