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A Chapter by audreycrooz

 "Can you shut up, for like, two minutes?" I said. Jack just smiled at me. He was always such a talker. One of the many traits I despised about him. Just kidding, he's quite a likeable person. "This cafe serves the worst coffee in the world, Jack. Why did you take me here?" I said, putting my mug on the small stone table infront of us. "Must you always complain?" he huffed at me. I frowned. He smiled at me again. "You're right. Their coffee is s**t. I just wanted to come here to talk, though." he said, moving our mugs to the side. 

"About what? We always talk, Jack. I see you almost every day. What makes this time so special?" I stared into those big brown eyes of his. He stared right back. "I don't know, Kerri. Anything. It's your day off. What do you want to do?" he said, shrugging his broad shoulders, which I admired secretly. "Let's just walk." I said, and abruptly stood. He stood aswell, and followed me out.


 We walked slowly down the busy street. Somehow, it didn't seem so busy and loud and chaotic with him next to me. I noticed him looking down at me, then he said "Is that dress new? It's nice." Without any nervousness in his voice; like he practiced it. "No, it's actually old, a*****e." I said and stared straight ahead, hoping he didn't notice my beat-red face.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you blush, Kerri. I really didn't." he said in a serious tone of voice. Well, f**k. Now I feel bad. "Shut up, Jack. Just shut up." I spat and sharply turned the corner. He laughed and picked up his pace to keep up with me. He looked down at me again. "Do you have a boyfriend yet, hm?" "No." I replied instantley. "Oh? I seemed to think for some time that you and your partner, Chris, had a 'thing'." he said, putting his hands in his pockets. I looked up at him, enraged and puzzled.

"No, Jack. He's just my partner. We never have, and never will be, anything more than friends. Try to get that through your skull, please." I said, trying to calm myself down abit. "Really? He told me otherwise." He smiled down at me coyly. I could feel my face getting hot with anger. "What!? What did he say. Tell me now, Jack. Tell me now." I yanked on his sleeve. "He said that you two have kissed, that's all. Calm down, killer." he laughed at me. I huffed and let go of his arm.

"Yeah, so? it was a heat of the moment thing. He's married. I wouldn't pull any s**t with him. His wife is a royal b***h." I pouted and slowed my pace. He slowed his aswell and and said "Kerri, I don't care what you do. It's not like we're married, or anything." I looked up at him, confused. That hurts. But, deep down, I know he does care. Alot. I can see it. I blinked the small tears that were forming, and kept on walking. "Whatever." I said, my voice monotone.

© 2010 audreycrooz

Author's Note

I guess I put this for teens because of the language. Later on, it will start to be for mature audiences. Just sayin'.

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Well well, that's quite a juicy development. I wonder why Chris said anything to Jack. This chapter has whetted my appetite and I want more. Thank you for posting this.

Posted 2 Years Ago

the language...dialogue is natural...not at all contrived...you have a keen eye for character creation...i want to read more than the three chapters here...you got more? I hope so...

Posted 11 Years Ago

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