It's Getting Awkward

It's Getting Awkward

A Chapter by audreycrooz

 We turned a corner after walking quite a bit without talking to eachother, and Jack spotted a street vendor selling hot dogs. "Hey, want a bite to e-" "No. I'm not hungry." I interrupted him and kept walking past the vendor. "Ugh," he huffed. "What's wrong? Why do you always do this when we see eachother?" I stopped walking and turned to him, having to look up due to his tremendous height compared to my own. "Do what? I don't mope everytime we hang out. Now you're just making s**t up." I gave him a frigid stare. He stared straight back at me with the same look, but more menacing. "Reguardless. All I want to do is spend time with you, Kerri. After all, you are my best friend." He gave me a half-smile. I wanted to hug him so bad for it, but I had to keep my guard up. "Don't be so sappy, Jack. My place or yours?" I asked nonchalantly. He winced abit, gave me a strange face, then said "Wh-What? What do you mean?" I tilted my head to the side and smiled at him. "I didn't mean it like that, Jacky. Don't get your hopes up. Your place it is."


 After an awkward walk to his apartment complex, which was somewhat nearby, we finally got there. We entered the large brick building and walked up a short flight of stairs to get to his room. "What are we gunna do here? My place is boring as s**t." He laughed as he dug in his pocket for his keys. "I dunno. We'll think of something." I elongated the word 'something' as he pushed the key into the lock and turned. Right before he opened the door, I could hear feint talking behind it. He opened the door all the way, and I was right. There were three men sitting throughout his livingroom. My heart stopped abit, and I looked up at Jack. And at that moment, I realised I didn't bring my gun with me. S**t.


 "Guys, what are you doing here?" Jack asked to the three men, who all simultaneously looked over at me, not Jack. One man, tall and lanky and sickly looking, stood, and said "We couldn't wait. We figured we'd stay here until you got home. We need to discuss the upcoming hei-" "Leonard. I got it. But I told you I was going to be with a friend," Jack strained the word 'friend' "And for you not to bother me." Another man stood, stalky and bald, and said "Who's the girl? She looks real nice." I latched onto Jack's arm. I didn't have my gun, or anything. All I had was my badge, but that wouldn't do anything at all. "Clark, shut up. You don't want to f**k with her. She'll kick your a*s." Jack spat at him. "Oh? Well maybe I want a little a*s-kicking.." the man smiled and stepped forward. "Clark, we're not here for s**t like that," the third man said, standing and putting his arm out infront of Clark. This man was very tall, even taller than Jack. He was wearing a simple white shirt with a black vest-ish thing with jeans. He slowly walked toward Jack and I, and whispered in Jack's ear "You better get your s**t together, Jack. Now's not the time to be bumping uglies with the enemy," Jack gave him a surprised look, then the man continued 'Yeah, Jack. I know who she is. I know where she works and where to find her. I could care less if she's a cop. Don't get too involved with her, Jack, or we may need to do something drastic." "I won't, boss." Jack mumbled. "Good. Let's go, boys." the man said as he exited, the two other men walking around us.


 I stood there, looking up at Jack for the longest time, until he said "Just some friends, ya know?" and smiled down at me. Right, right. Friends.

© 2010 audreycrooz

Author's Note

Blah blah blah you know the drill.

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bumping uglies...ha ha ha too the half sentence uber strong female character...and a super wit from a young writer from whom I want to read more...

Posted 11 Years Ago

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hi hi hi hi this is where i write stuff; enjoy more..

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