Chapter One

Chapter One

A Chapter by Raven Marx


Sun burns my skin now, so I walk in the shadows in the misty night. The moon glows softly far up in the sky, barely any stars glimmering across the black canvas. I sigh, placing a hand on my neck to release the tension. The cool air sends a slight chill as I continue my path through the woods, making my way over to the small town across the river. Thin, helpless twigs snap under my bare feet when I walk over them vaguely. It's been many sunrises and sunsets, and I have yet to make it to the small house at the corner of Woven Road.

I think of sleeping, resting my head on a soft rock, if possible, and slumber until dawn. But I know Death is watching, ready to come when I make a wrong move. So I push myself over a fallen tree and stumble across the muddy road, not taking a minute to rest.

Crickets sing vaguely in the distance and I know I'm close to the town, Ridgeway. It's a blessing to be strong at the long journey I've encountered, so I give myself a great smile and step out of the silent woods. I walk over to the humming river, and before I take a step closer, I can feel the icy water against my skin from the mist in the air. I inhale deeply, clenching my hands into fists at my sides, and take a step into the water. My feet sink an inch deep and the ice burns my skin. I continue walking one-inch deep over the river, shivering in pain. Then I almost slip, hearing Death hissing low in my ear.

With a wavering breath, I stroll carefully over the river until I feel the crisp grass under my feet. It causes me to sing a light song in the back of my mind. The song quickly fades when I notice strands of light in the distance. Glee pumps in my veins and I quickly make my way towards the glow.
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© 2011 Raven Marx

Author's Note

Raven Marx
Because I am writing this in a journal, I won't be uploading until I finished it in my journal. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Added on December 24, 2011
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Raven Marx
Raven Marx


Four years in the writing business... Well, me writing is my "writing business" since I was nine. So, yeah... My name is Raven Marx, a young thirteen-year-old who has many dreams and opportunitie.. more..

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A Chapter by Raven Marx