She's mine.

She's mine.

A Story by Autumn

Some times we can't stop the past from catching up to us and nearly taking the ones we love.


“How did you know?” I asked, not sure I wanted the answer. I thought I had been careful. I thought she didn’t know who I truly was. I thought I would be able to keep her safe from this downward spiral of life, yet here she sat in front of me, imprisoned in chains while my father, the real one, coldly stared at me. I stopped myself from running to her.

“I see that you’ve come for this, how do I stay it…human,” the tall man with slightly greying hair spat out before kicking the poor woman.

She groaned. “I’m okay. I never knew for sure, just suspected because of your habits.” My father slapped her, the sound resonating throughout the cement room.

“Food doesn’t talk.”

I rolled my eyes. “Do you have to do this every single time you take a human? This routine is getting a little old.”

“It’s still extremely effective,” she replied while the red mark on her cheek became brighter and brighter.

“Why can’t werewolves and humans just get along? We don’t have to get along with all of them, but just a few of them,” I groaned.

My father stomped toward me. “You really want to become friends with the weakest race in the world, even after what they did to our pack?”

“For one, that was centuries ago when we didn’t know how to control anything that we did. We were savage beasts. Secondly, if they are the weakest race, then how were they able to drive nearly every supernatural being in hiding?” I stomped right past my father and easily broke the rusty chains, knowing he would not dare use silver. I picked her up into my arms effortlessly. To me, she barely weighed more than a sack of flour. “I’m so sorry love. I didn’t mean for any of this to happen. I’ll �"“

She pressed her cold finger against my lips. “I know, accidents simply happen, handsome.”

I smiled down at her bruised cheek. “I promise to make this up to you sweetheart, for as long as it takes.” I press my lips to her forehead, not allowing her to speak another word. “As for you, Father, touch her or any of my friends again, you’ll never see another full moon again.” I turned towards the apartment we shared; it’s not home because my home laid safely in my arms.  

© 2018 Autumn

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Added on March 19, 2018
Last Updated on March 19, 2018
Tags: romance, cute, werewolves, supernatural, happy ending, love




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A Story by Autumn