My Nightmare

My Nightmare

A Story by Abigail

The story of my experience as a fantasy nightmare.


“Another un-meaningful day now pasts in the worst place in the world.  No new friends, no new enemies, na dah.  I am still alone as always.”  I mumbled to myself as I tossed and turned in my covers, trying to find a comfortable position to sleep.  Fortunately, I find myself on my stomach screaming into my pillow.  As I took a moment of silence, I heard yelling coming from below the stair case.  My dad rambling on about the new house and how we have to watch our expenses and my mom complaining to my father that the kids need to go out and explore Mason before we become all cooped up in this little apartment for a year.

I on the other hand don’t need a year.  I was already going crazy.  I was missing the best parts in Columbus.  During August, everyone is returning from vacation, going to my church camp that I should be attending right now, or helping in at the middle school church camp where I should be helping.

My thoughts screamed in between my ears as I attempted yet another round of comfort.  I tossed and turned and finally my brain came to the point when it screamed “SUT UP AND GO TO SLEEP!”  My eye lids finally met and my body sank into the mattress.  My mind was at last at peace.

The roaring screams of a crowd boomed in my ears, piercing my drum whenever a noise came close to a cackle.  Right now, I was a bat.  I could not see but I could hear clear as day and what I heard from my bat like ears was not inviting.  The sound of cursing and spitting.  The words Demon and Witch and Different were thrown from their dirty mouths.

My sense of feel suddenly entered and I could feel everything.  My hands and feet were bind to a hollow pole.  My arms stretching outward and my feet lay on the trunk of the pole.  A deep wound was punctured in my forehead for I could feel the stinging pain and trickling blood, creating a pattern down my face.  I could not feel my finger tips for the blood flow stopped in my arm.  I tried to pull up to retrieve air to a success.  I could breathe but only for a bit.

Suddenly, my nostrils were filled with the horrifying scent of black charcoal and burnt meat.  I could smell my blood pouring out my forehead and all over my waist.

I tossed and turned myself, attempting to be free but to no avail.  I shook my head to find a blind fold was over my face.  I was able to move my head enough to finally have the blind fold fall to my neck.  But what I saw was not a pleasant sight.

Angered villagers raised their sharpened pitch forks and torches, demanding the death of me.  I looked both to my left and right to find burning corpses both beside me.  Their intestines slowly spilling out from the black bodies.  I slowly looked forward to find wood directly below my feet and beside me and man in black, holding a torch, prepared to burn me alive.

“Thy naves,” using every last breath I have, I have to try and convince them not to burn me, “ Ye plans to destroy evil, ye not knowing the destruction of thy selves.”   I had absolutely no clue what I was saying.  I was just trying to earn my freedom.  “Thou should know the truths we keep to thine selves, brings deep shame.  I plead we resolve this as fair and humble beings.”  A moment of silence fell on the crowd.  People turned to each other with confused faces which was exactly what I was hoping for.

“Let her go brothers and sisters.  She might be telling the truth.”  A man called out.

“But what if she ain’t?  We can’t take no chances!”  Another man debated.  Soon the whole village turned on each other.  Debating with one another how my future should play out.

I only had one pull up left then I would die of suffocation.  I wouldn’t be able to breath anymore.  I took my arms and before I could even attempt to breathe, my right arm fell from the pole.  I was free.  I observed my hand to find no bruises or scrapes to be found.  Before I even tried to free my left hand, it fell to my side.  Both my arms were free but that leaves one question.  How in the heck am I floating in mid air?!  Was I really what they thought I was?  Am I a witch?

I could breath perfectly now, every breath felt like a welcome to life.  I grabbed one end of the pole and cautiously pointed my finger to the bind rope.  A green light poured from my finger tips and cut clean through the rope like a knights blade.  I ripped off the blindfold from my neck and started running behind a shop.  Before I could take a a break, a villager cried out.

“Where did she go?”  The villagers suddenly broke in panic which means I broke into a run.  I ran through the village, starting to actually see where I was.  I could recognize the “homey” feeling.  The village of Lord Titus and Lady Prim.  I recognized everything.  The push daisies and the poor unfed children.   This was probably the poorest of villages in the kingdom.  Only because Titus refuses to help others that are below him. Almost everyone hear longs for an answer from Titus but never seems to receive it.  I myself never followed a man who calls himself Lord and demands respect for nothing he has done to help his own people.

I kept running to find the edge of the forrest beyond the gate.  I could see the entrance in clear view.  It was so close but the villagers blocked the exit with their weapons ready to kill.  I got close enough until I heard a horse gallop in the distance.  I quickly dived behind bundles of wheat.  I poked my head out to find Lord Titus on his white stead, speaking in his booming voice to the villagers.  The villagers bowed in his so called “glory.”

“Has she been spotted yet?”  He demanded.

“We are still searching my Lord.  No one has seen her.”  The villager was still bowing, his nose still touching the dirt.  His voice was chilled and scratch.

Suddenly a horrifying scream was heard across the mountains of the village.

“Whoa Cincay!”  The horse jumped on its two back legs, horrified of the unknown scream.  Once the horse came back on all fours, the white stallions eyes were directly on mine.  He was starring into my eyes, knowing I was the one everyone was looking for.  My eyes gently told him to lead his master away.  The horse obeyed.  He took off into full gallop the other direction along with Lord Titus.  “Cincay!  What has gotten into you.”  The villagers ran after the run away horse and thats when I made my move.  

I ran into the forrest, looking back at the village to see if anyone was following.  Before I turned my head back, I felt a force hit my stomach and I collapsed to the ground.

“Oh.  I am very sorry miss.”  A shriek little voice apologized.  He helped me to my feet and introduced himself to me.  “Hello I am Pepperanty Mirasndias, but my friends call me Pippy.  I have a message for all Nobles about the Kingdom.  It’s urgent and terrible to say to a stranger but I have to keep moving.  Will you pass along this message?”  His small appearance and pudgy size told me he was no liar who would turn me in to Lord Titus.

“Forgive me, but I am already dealing with something horrible so if you could just excuse -” He pointed his finger at me.  Telling me to be quiet.

“Please!  I beg you!  Do not walk away from this.  This news could be drastic to the kingdom.”  He fell on his knees and tugged on my distressed pant leg, pleading for my ears.

“Alright Alright.  What is it you bring that is so terrible?”  I pretended to care.

“The time of sorrow has begun.”  He whaled.  He jumped to his feet and began pouring every little detail out at me.  His eyes sunk and his pupils no longer present.  He forced me to a tree trunk.  He grabbed his dagger and pinned my shirt to the tree, forcing me to listen.  He backed up and began his crazy tale.  “He has returned and he is not alone.”  He paused, waiting for a response.

“Might I ask who he is-”

“You must not be tempted like she was.  She fell and fell to Hell she did but she has risen and seen that he was not to be trusted.”  He pointed in my direction.  “SHE WARNS NEVER FOR ANYONE TO SPEAK OF HIM!”  He whaled.  His face was ghostly white.

“Wait a minute.  What is going on?”  I asked sternly.

“The fate of the kingdom is at stake.  The one is near our gates.  We are doomed!”  He screeched.  I could see the birds flying away from the nearby trees in fright.

“Who is this man and woman you speak of?”  I yelled at him.  He paused and motioned toward me.

“You want to know who he is?”  He grabbed the dagger and poked it at my heart.

“Step away sir,  I warn you.”  I threatened.

“Did you not hear the heart breaking scream coming from beyond the mountains?”  He poked me harder with dagger.

“Sir release your weapon or I will-”

“Do what!  Kill my words?  Try and silence the truth!?”  He raised his dagger over his head ready to plunge into my heart when without thinking, my hand gripped his neck.  He dropped his dagger, begging for a breath.

“Now you listen here small frie!  I was nearly burned to death just about twenty minutes ago and I am not going to stand here with unanswered questions and a dead hobbit by my side.  So answer these two questions.  Who is the man and who is the woman you speak of?”  I let go of him but he was still pleading for breath when I noticed my magic was acting again.  I motioned him towards the trunk and pushed him back against the tree, pinning his shirt with his own dagger.  I released my invisible grip from his neck, allowing him to breath.

“Haha you clever witch you.  Trying to find information from me!  I come from her majesty herself to send along the message to each village of the kingdom.”  He laughed in joy.   

“I don’t have time for games!  Leave me be hobbit or I will have to inform your lady that I silenced the great Hobbit Pippy.”  I threatened.

“Alright Alright!  I know when I surrender.  The woman I speak of is the kings daughter.  She is the one who made that horrible scream.”  He paused for a moment, looking to his left.  “Oh my God!  Please let me go!  I beg you!  Please!  I have said too much!  I should die!”

“Tell me Hobbit!  Who is the man?”  I continued to stare at the man, becoming impatient when I hear skin tear and the mans face froze.  A spear poked through his stomach and he was no more.   I fell back in horror.  Was that me?  I was bluffing when I meant kill him.  I didn’t want to actually hurt anyone.

I ran from the hobbits corpse, disappearing deeper and deeper into the thick trees of the forrest.  My heart began to beat louder and louder.  I hesitated at nearly every turn.  Which way to go?  Which way is the safest?  Is there such thing as a safe place anymore?

I kept running and running until I ran to the edge of the forrest.  Beyond lined a meadow with the moon resting just above it.  I leaned against a tree and fell to the forrest floor, bursting into tears, trying to keep my mind together.  I gripped my face, hiding my shame from her the world.  I couldn’t bear to live with what I did to the poor hobbit.  

Suddenly, through the gaps of my hands, I saw a bright light.  I opened my palms to the meadow, being lighted with a bright white light.  I could feel warmth and comfort, my body relaxing against the tree.  I heard a soft whisper from a familiar voice coming from the inside of the light.  I could feel a gust of warm air crawling down my spine.  Then I heard a soft male whisper entering my ears.  His words were so simple yet so heavenly.

“Thank you.” But it was not directed to me.  For when i opened my eyes, no one was sitting next to me and no one whispered in my ear.  But a young man sat behind a lighted picture frame, on a red chair that seemed to be a throne.  I leaned forward while still sitting by my tree, curious to see who the young man is.  As I look closer, it wasn’t the face of a man, but of a boy.  He was muddy and his knees scraped up.  As he lifted his head, our eyes met for a moment.  He stared and smile.  I of course being kind, smiled back.  But a horrific sight, the white light became darker and darker.  His smile remained but almost like an evil smirk.  His green eyes faded into a deep blood red and the chair became a black velvet throne.  His hair became a shaggy brown and his clothes a black tuxedo. 

He stared directly into my eyes, my body slowly lifting on his command.  My veins were being controlled.  I was forced to take a step.  I tried to rebel, but every time I did, a tear of acid fell from my eye and my face slowly burned like blue fire would pain a finger.  He lifted his hand, forcing mine to bind with his.  When I touched his hand, I felt a strange sensation of love and peace.  I let him control my movement.  He wrapped his arms around my waist and whispered in my ear, “Hold on tight.”  Suddenly, i saw the meadow peeling like wallpaper off into the dark.  Blackness started to wind all around us.  I clutched my arms around the boys chest.  Suddenly, the starry night starting dripping like paint and melted into droplets and fell into the blackness beneath my feet.  All that was left was blackness around us.

I looked up at the boys face then suddenly knew who he was.

“Your the boy.”  I whispered.  He clutched my body and kissed me.  I let go of all pressure around him.  The sensation was amazing.  I let go from our long lip lock and just completely fell in love.  He looked deep into my eyes and said,

“Yes I am the boy.  And you my love, are a waist of my time.”  His eyes went white and I could feel his hands release from mine, quickly releasing me into the darkness, as I fell, I grabbed his shoes, to hopefully not fall into the dark.  But he and I both knew I already fell into the blackness.  The moment I let him control me, I brought myself to darkness.  I looked up with tears staining my face.

        "Please?"  I cried out.  He quickly wripped my wrist from his shoes and he was gripping my wrist.  His white eyes starring into my eyes.

         "Long live the princess."  And released his grip from my wrist.  I fell into the blackness, hearing his maniacal scream and his body fading.  As I kept falling, I couldn't scream, I was too much in shock of this horrible event.  He was the one who killed Pippy! I thought.  To make sure that I knew not to be tempted.  But what would he succeed from hurting me?  I will never understand.

         As I kept falling, I heard Pippy’s lunatic voice in my head.

“Did you not hear the heart breaking scream coming from beyond the mountains?”  He was warning me of the creature that stirred.  “You must not be tempted like she was.  She fell and fell to Hell she did but she has risen and seen that he was not to be trusted.”  I was tempted.  I fell and now I’m falling to Hell like she did.  As I kept falling, I heard his maniacal words, the princesses scream, Pippy’s dying laughter.

  ‘You are a waist of my- NO ONE IS EVER TO SPEAK OF- I don’t even know you anymore!”  The last voice was feminine.  It was the princess!  She was the one who was hurt so badly.

  I kept hearing the princess’s terrible scream as I fell down, my heart feeling pierced until I saw my hands started to melt into black paint.  My body was melting.  As I breathed in my last breath, “YOU ARE A WAIST OF MY TIME!!”


        I opened my eyes to find myself on the floor next to my bed.  My palm and forhead was sweating and I was panting like crazy.  My alarm clock screeching, forcing my hand to just about smash my       alarm clock off.  5:30 in the morning.  My first day of another year of school.  Hopefully the rest of my high school years, I will never have to have that nightmare again.

       "My mom opened my door to find me with my back pack on, ready to leave this god forsaking home.  My mom knows I hate this place as she does.  But we both agreed to follow both of our verses. n ""For I know the plans I have for you," says the Lord, "Plans to prosper and not to harm you.  Plans to give you hope and a future.""

© 2013 Abigail

Author's Note

Based on a true story in fantasy form. There are hidden meanings.

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A Story by Abigail