Acquaintances Deceive, Friends Do not.

Acquaintances Deceive, Friends Do not.

A Story by Ayesha Atif

Story about a group of friends. Who never thought their life could take such a turn..

 Main description to avoid confusion: Alyssa Swift, Drake Mayer, Midge Nelson, Chris Silver, Maya Jane, Amy Bexton and Benjamin Rao are all best friends. Except of Amy and Benjamin they are more than just best friends. They all go to one of the best school's of NorthShore: Fliddgers School Of Music and Arts. They all are different than, the rest of the pupil in their school. They all are popular and do not allow anyone, to enter in their group. They are happy, chivalrous, kind and etc on their own. But what happens when their good time is over!


'Ay Amy! Pass me the ball' said Drake. All the friends were playing basket ball since morning and thought of giving themselves a break.

'Yo! Alyssa guess what? I got my hands over the new blouse which we admired day before yesterday. Me so happy!' exclaimed Midge. Benjamin and Amy were sitting at a distance from their friends, giggling and talking.

'Who is she? I've never seen her before?' questioned Drake. 'Since when have you been taking interest in girls, Drake, she's a nobody I suppose, hah do we care?' replied Midge.

'Savannah is my name'. The girl overheard the talk and couldn't resist it and came to introduce herself with the good looking boy, Drake.

'Everyone she's Savannah nice name eh?' Drake replied and was over excited; he had never seen a girl so pretty in her life.

Everyone was surprised to see Drake with a girl. And the high school had their new hot topic to talk about. And as nobody could have imagined that, Drake had fallen unintentionally in love with this beautiful looking girl, Savannah. She was just too good. Dead straight black hair, dark blue baby eyes, red cherry lips, light tan complexion and absolute amazing voice, which pinched Drake's heart.

Days passed, this was not only the story with Drake. Alyssa had also fallen in love with a guy.

‘Ben, why everything has changed, I mean, so fast Alyssa seems to be so busy in David, Drake in Savannah and even Midge doesn’t seem to give attention to us. They all are so busy in their own affairs. We are even in love, but we do not ignore our friends, do we?’ Amy said to Ben with a low voice.

‘Well, well, my dear Amy, everyone is different. But Midge, I guess she has some problem, I saw her crying yesterday in the school parking lot, you should go and ask her what’s bothering her. And as far as the other two are concerned I don’t know about them sweet one’, replied Benjamin.

‘Certainly Ben’ said Amy.

It was Saturday night and Amy thought of going to Midge’s place. She did not waste a single minute and left her home to visit her . Midge was surprised to see her and didn’t want her to come in but Amy managed to force herself in. She noticed that there was no one in Midge’s home and she was all alone. This made Amy worry about her more than she was before coming to her place.

‘Midge, I wish to inquire what’s bothering you and I know there is something which is not right with you. And as your best friend, I want you to bloat everything out of your mouth now!’ Amy asked directly as she came in her room.

Midge immediately hugged Amy tightly and tears were the only thing that could be seen on her face.

‘Baby Amy, don’t ask anything and leave me, I want no one’s regretful remorse and wish that you leave me solitude’, replied Midge with sadness all over her face.

‘No, you have to tell me that what is the matter and why are you all alone, where are your parents? Why are you alone huh? And this is no sympathy you know I love you and can’t see you like this way’ replied Amy.

‘I have already told you, I wish not to share my pain with anyone. Not even you, I don’t want to use offensive words to make you leave my home. Please leave me alone. Amy leave..right now’, Midge’s voice got stern, Amy could feel that Midge did not want her presence.

Amy got up and left the house without even a word of farewell, Amy was a girl of great respect and dignity she could not take this disrespect. Amy just had to tell Ben about this scenario, she directly went to Ben’s home. When she inquired about Ben, Amy got to know, Ben is in the hospital and had an accident. Amy got confused, scared and sad and went to the hospital. When she reached to the hospital, she found all her friends there before her. Even Midge.

‘Drake...Drake...Tell me how is Ben, can I go inside?’ Amy could barely utter words out of her mouth. Drake did not reply and on asking the same question to each friend, they all turned their faces away from her. Amy could not understand the situation and walked inside the room, where Ben’s body was lying cold. Amy went across the bed, took two rounds around his bed and whispered into his ears, ‘Baby? Speak to me, Ben, Ben look into my eyes sweet heart’. But there was only silence and no reply to her words. She took his hand and felt his warmth on her face. Maya came running into the room and as soon as she saw the picture in front of her, she understood. Understood the state Amy has to suffer. Maya fell on the sofa and tears came rolling down to her cheeks. ‘Oh! Amy…you have…’

‘Shhhhhh! My baby is sleeping! Silence! Let him only listen to my quietness, let him feel my love and let feel my presence, Amy interrupted.

Amy took off her jacket, threw her handbag away and lay down closely next to Ben’s cold body, she put her leg on Ben’s and hugged him tightly. All the friends, one by one, came inside the room. They were all quiet, Amy did not let go of Ben and was in the same position for several minutes, and she kept on asking Ben’s cold frozen body to talk to her. But it was all in vain.

They all knew that Ben’s soul has left this world FOREVER.

The next morning after the funeral, Amy sat next to Ben’s grave and was not getting up. ‘So Ben baby you were asking me about Midge, she wouldn’t tell me what her problem is!’ Amy murmured sitting next to Ben’s grave and touching each molecule of his grave.

Everyone tried their best to comfort Amy but they all failed. And decided that it was better to leave her alone, Ben and Amy were always used to be together and their reverence would always increase the agony inside her heart. And poor Amy in search of Ben’s lost voice was left alone.

None of the friends could go to school the next day and decided to visit Amy instead. Everyone was at Amy’s place except Midge. Alyssa phoned to inquire why didn’t she come. To this Midge replied in a fearful voice,’ ‘Please, take me away! Please, I insist you on coming to my place, my father is going to rape me off! Save me please!’

The call was disconnected.

Alyssa informed the other friends about Midge’s reaction. And they all at once, decided to visit her that instant. On the way to Midge’s home everyone was lost in their own thoughts.  Alyssa was thanking God for pairing her with David, from the inside she was very happy and felt lucky.  However, Savannah had a wicked smile on her face, which made Amy very uncomfortable. Out the Midge’s homes’ gate strange shouts and noises could be heard.

Amy rang the door bell and waited 15 minutes but there was no response. Amy in tension banged the door and the rest of the friends did the same. Midge’s father with a fine smile opened the door and greeted them warmly, ‘Well, Hello young people! What made you come here?’

‘We are here to inquire about Midge; she was supposed to be with us, 2 hours ago.’ Alyssa answered before Amy could, because she knew that Amy was in the state of resentment.

‘Why not, come inside. She’s in her room’, Midge’s father replied with a big smile.

Amy was not comfortable with Midge’s fathers’ look, but she had no time to study his face and followed her friends to Midge’s room.

As they entered the room, everything was messed up. Midge was lying on the bed, her hair were messed up and was crying in a low tone.

‘Midge?’ Amy said walking towards her.

‘Don’t come near me!’ Midge shouted.

Amy ignored her words and sat near her and after the horrible sight Amy saw, she asked the rest of the friends not to come near. Midge was hiding her top, it was all torn and she had scratches all over her neck and blood was oozing out of each scratch.

‘I wish to speak to you alone Amy’, Midge politely demanded.

All the friends walked out and Chris remained inside, Maya from his back grabbed his shirt and forcibly pulled him out.

‘Amy! Just be quiet and listen to me. When I was born, my biological mother remarried someone else. My father he married a woman whom you know as my mother, a year after that. This woman killed my father in order to marry, the man whom she wanted and took over all my biological father’s money and property. I do not know where my own mother is, she never came to inquire after me. These two step creatures, they don’t care about me. They send me to school in order to show off people, they want me to be what I am not- Amy- the rest of the kids in this house you consider my sibs, they are all step! The worst of all is that this step inhuman man, always tries to rape me, tears my clothes, and tries to see my body but something stops him. He touches me with " He tries to kiss- Amy my biological father told me that this woman wanted to kill him and he wrote in his will, that he wishes to give all the property when I am 18 to me, till then it’s hers. What am I supposed to do? Shall I kill myself’ Midge blurted out all her secrets, tears all over her face were to be seen.

Amy was confused, she was already hurt inside, and she had not gotten over Ben’s death. In confusion Amy hugged Midge tightly, Amy knew there was nothing she could do, nor give her silly advices, which might temporarily help but forever disarray her.

‘Let’s go out Midge’, Amy had no idea what else to say.

Amy asked Midge’s step guardians to let Midge stay at her place for a couple of days. Things were changing rapidly, Midge was happy with Amy, staying at her place and somehow the parents did not even object they were happier instead. Alyssa birthday was coming up and they the whole gang was planning to surprise her with a birthday party. But Alyssa was ignoring everyone; she was not even seen with David, Amy thought that they might have had a fight or something. Amy went to David asked him what had happened between them. David never replied, despite would scream at Amy for asking him such a question. Amy had observed a negative change in Chris’s attitude too, he always cared about Midge, followed her, made sure she was fine every time, even Midge always liked his company. One day all the friends were chit chatting in the main road to school that suddenly Alyssa appeared in front of them.

‘Guys! Hey! I am sorry- But there is something you people need to know. I am leaving NorthShore!’She said this in a happy tone and turned her back away.

‘What’s the meaning of this---- heck no! ---Stop her people’. This was all Alyssa could hear. Amy knew she was hiding something, but she did not have the strength of asking her.

‘Okay stop it Drake! Over with it! Suck it up! Shove off! Go to hell! I am leaving’, everyone turned round to see who was speaking like this at such moment and it was Savannah screaming at Drake.

‘Sorry love, sorry,’ replied Drake.

‘No! Back off (Savannah shoved Drake) Loser she left and you Damned crying for her!’ Savannah left immediately.

‘I don’t know. I love her so much, but she always is rude to me and never understands me, I buy her everything, take her where she wishes to go. But she never understands, Chris, Amy, Midge, trust me I never knew tried to kiss her. I respect her. Love her. But whatever I do for her, in return she screams at me, slaps me, abuses me! Maybe I am wrong somewhere! Where? I need to go home and think!’

 Drake said to his friends and turned his back to go walk his to home. But something stopped Drake; he fell on the ground, he was motion less and shouted loudly, ‘No HECK NO!’ Everyone ran to pick him up and the scenario they saw was horrible. Savannah was with some other guy the next street kissing him in front everyone, declaring her love for him. ‘She never did that to me!’ Drake was broken and obviously trying to console himself, with words whatever came in his mind.

‘This is abhorrent, how come each friend of ours is suffering with pain and agony! First Ben’s death, Midge’s scenario, Alyssa walking away from us and now Savannah’, Chris said to everyone with worried eyes.

Days passed.

And Drake started to use abused drugs.

Chris once caught Drake drinking at his home and when he tried to snatch the wine bottle away from him, Drake smashed the bottle on his hand. Chris with full endeavor tried to stop him. Drake had become restless, arduous and psychologically weak since the day he had lost his first love.

Each friend tried their best to save Drake’s life. But his madness admitted him in the hospital. ‘You loved a lie. You’re killing yourself for a lie. Look at us! We all have lost something important from our life but we did not started to cleanse our life away, and I lost my true love and you are killing, destroying and  being hard to yourself for some girl who doesn’t even care’, Amy said to Drake in a angry tone.

That instant Amy’s phone rang, it was Alyssa- she picked it up and turned on the loud speaker after attending the call for 20 seconds.

‘Yeah, much better. I asked Amy to turn on the loud speaker, don’t be surprised friends. I know you all must hate me, for walking away just like that, for no reason. I am true to you all and hope all my friends are listening and are there. Amy, Midge, Maya, Drake and Chris-- David betrayed me- Just listen. I was gaining courage alone, to tell you people what I have went through. I trusted him and had the three letter word with him. Yeah! Don’t think I am the S word please! After that night, the next day he promised to visit me, he did not come, I was petrified and to inquire about him went to his place, but his mother told me he had gone to the golf club. And to look after him, I went there. And to my surprise, on the big screen he was showing everyone the love we made out! How could you all expect me to stay there longer? I couldn’t, after that I couldn't say anything to him or to anyone. To leave was the best choice. I am sorry, for telling you all very late about this issue and moreover, I know you all might disgusted after listening to this and would not even like to see my bloody face again. But I was feeling bad, that I did not share this with you! And sweet one’s I am not coming, I don’t have the Amy power to standardize like her. When I’ll cut the phone, I am gone forever for a new life. Bye everyone I love you all! Enjoy!’ Alyssa disconnected the call before anyone could say anything.

 However, Amy tried again phone back again on the number but it was too late; it was switched off, forever. Her friend’s knew Alyssa had thrown the number away.

Few days passed, everyone was over with all this chaos and went to Ben’s grave. Amy could not stop crying and lay beside his grave.

Chris, Drake, Midge and Maya they all flowed tears for not just the loss of their friend Ben, but for the loss of each suffering they had to go through.

They all made a circle around Ben’s grave and Amy lying next it and hugged each other.


© 2010 Ayesha Atif

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