Gold Chain

Gold Chain

A Story by A.N.W.

my attempt at the art of short story. wish me luck :3

Don't go.
No one heard the plea of the little lost chain, lost at sea. The sea of wood, the floor wide and long. 
  She looked into the mirror, staring at herself. As she stared, she saw a cracked and ragged face staring back at her. She saw nothing. Tilting her head back, she saw the scar that confirmed her misery, trailing along her neck.

You're beautiful.Don't go.
She clenched her jaw, no more she dared to take. Swinging her fist, she punched the mirror. And her reflection cracked.

Don't do this... you're beautiful..
She stormed out of her room. She stomped down the stairs. She rushed out the door. She walked down the sidewalk. She saw the speeding car. And she didn't think to stop.


Three days later, her mother entered the room. She saw the cracked, bloody mirror. She saw her bed, every inch of cover neatly tucked, as usual. She saw a photo of her daughter, folded into the edge of the mirror, her eyes and mouth blotted out with black ink. She saw the darkness. She saw the disturbed soul hidden behind her daughter's laughing face.
  And then she saw the gold chain. Bending over to pick it up, she saw that she had ripped it off. The same gold chain she had given her daughter as  a present. Violently mangled and tossed upon the cold floor. 

I told her she was beautiful. But she couldn't hear a word I said. 

© 2013 A.N.W.

Author's Note

Unanswered questions for the reader to answer:
Why was she unhappy? Why did she decide to rip the gold chain from her neck, that was a present from her mother? Why was the gold chain special? Why did the girl not notice the gold chain's voice?

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Added on November 7, 2013
Last Updated on November 7, 2013
Tags: suicide, troubled, sad, gold, chain, girl, died, death



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