Dear America: The Rich Just Aren't That Into You

Dear America: The Rich Just Aren't That Into You

A Story by Father Mojo


Dear Heartbroken in North America (a.k.a. America):

Face it America, the Rich just are not that into you. The Rich do not love you. I know the Rich are smooth talkers, they look good, they dress well, and they flash cash, but come on America, you’re better than that! If you just want to act like a w***e who puts out for a nice dinner and a ride in a fancy car, that’s your business. But when you do, don’t keep on acting like you’re better than anyone else " because you’re not. You’re just a cheap floozy.

Face it, America, you’re easy. Some Rich guy comes along with his smooth talking jive and his wad of cash and you can’t open your legs fast enough. At least a w***e gets paid for putting out, but you, America, you put out at the promise of getting paid. If prostitution were the basement of a high-rise apartment building, you would be in the subbasement with a shovel digging a hole to go even lower.

I know you put up with their s**t because you think that if you stand up to the Rich they’ll leave you for some other country. Damn it, get some self-esteem! You know they are already messing around with other countries, don’t you? They like the high-price call girls like The Cayman Islands and Switzerland. But between you and me, they even like dirty skanks like China " she’s not that pretty, and you can catch a disease from her just by looking at her, but she lets the Rich do whatever they want.

Think about it, America! Why are you the one who has to work hard to support the Rich while the Rich are screwing around with any other country they lay their eyes on? Let that skanky-a*s Ho, China, support them! Let’s see how they like living with her! Don’t put up with this crap for one more day.

I kind of get it, America. It’s the bad boy thing. They treat you like s**t and you think you can fix them. All countries adore a fascist. But face it, you are NEVER going to change the rich! They do not want to be fixed and they will keep on using you, and hurting you, as long as you keep enabling their bullshit.


Here are ten classic signs that the Rich are players and that they are playing you, America:

10) They Only Want To Be Seen With You In Public If They Get Something Out of It.

9) They Hardly Ever Call You.

8) They Never Open Up To You.

7) They Bail On You.

6) Your Feelings Don’t Matter.

5) They Have Tons Of Other Countries For “Friends.”

4) They Always Complain.

3) The Rich Hide Things From You and Get Angry If You Touch Their Phone.

2) The Rich Are Overly Secret About Their Private Lives " They Don’t Want You To Know About Their Income or Investments.

1) It’s All About What the Rich Want " Your Wants and Needs Are Secondary, or Never Even Considered.

Just in case you are not convinced yet, America, here are SEVEN signs that you are being used by the Rich:

1. You Pay For everything all the time

Even though the Rich have all this money, you constantly find yourself paying for every little thing that the Rich want. THIS IS ONE OF THE TOP SIGNS THAT YOU ARE BEING USED! While it is okay to split the bill or to pay the bill from time to time, you should not ALWAYS be expected to pay the bill for the Rich, America!

2. The Rich are Only Available When They Need Something from You

America, do you constantly find that the Rich are not available unless they need something from you? Do you find that the Rich are unavailable when you need them? If your needs, America, do not matter, but you are expected to drop everything for their needs, then you are being used.

3. Financially Dependent on You

It is bad enough that the Rich expect you to pay for everything, but if you look deeper, you may find that they are in fact financially dependent on you, America. If the Rich are not willing to contribute to paying the bills that they have helped generate, then that is a sign that you are being used. Do they get defensive, or angry, or even threaten to walk out on you whenever you bring up the topic of them paying their fair share of the bills? Or are they shrewd and make promises to pay in the future, but money never seems to trickle down to you?

4. Emotional Blackmail

Are the Rich constantly blaming you for all the things that go wrong? Do the Rich constantly tell you that it is your fault that unemployment is so high, or that it is your fault jobs are being outsourced? That is a sign you are being used.

5. They Never Do Anything For You

Do you constantly bend over backward to make the Rich happy, only to find they refuse to make the slightest effort to do anything for you? There is a reason why you feel like you are the only one working at this relationship, America: you are being used!

6. The Rich never consider your needs when making decisions that affect you.

Are the Rich constantly making decisions that affect your life; yet, the Rich never take your needs or wants into consideration before making any major decisions? If they only do what is best for them all the time, even if it means that you get hurt in the process, then the Rich are using you. This is related to the next sign that you are being used.

7. The Rich Never Take Your Feelings into Consideration

The Rich only making decision that benefit them regardless of the consequences those decisions may have for you is bad enough, but if you find that they never even consider how you will feel about what their decisions may do to you, then that is even worse. If their feelings are all that matter in the relationship, then you do not matter. You are being used.


So, America, it is a red flag if you are in a relationship that has any one of these signs. If you can say yes to any one of these, then you may want to consider that the Rich are using you. Yet, one red flag does not mean you are being used, only that you should look deeper at your relationship as honestly and objectively as you can. If more than one of these signs are present, then that is a serious concern. If most or all of these signs are present, then you can be quite certain that the Rich are using you, and the only way to get them to stop using you is to decide that you will no longer be used.

Let the Rich go, America! Enough is enough! There are other Rich in the sea. Even if there are not, you always say that you never meet a nice class, but the truth is you find the nice classes boring. The Middle Class has always been there for you, has always supported you, and you refuse to even consider moving the Middle Class out of the friend zone. And the Working Class has loved you from the beginning, but you think you are too good for them and you just toy them along. But they are good people and they will treat you right.

There is a class out there for you, America. You just have to be honest with yourself and what you want. When you get sick and tired of being sick and tired, when it hurts bad enough, then you’ll change. But you have to be the one who changes, America. The Rich are not going to change. Why should they? You give them everything they want! You have to stop putting out; you have to start holding them accountable; you have to demand that they love you and stop playing around; you have to demand that they treat you with the respect you deserve; or you are going to toss them to the curb. Trust me, America, they are so much more afraid of losing you than you are of losing them, but you enable them and you enable their behavior. They treat you the way you have trained them to treat you. It is time for it to stop.

So, America, instead of this February 14th being just another emotional April 15th, make this Valentine’s Day your Independence Day!

I despise Valentine’s Day. I never believed that Valentine’s Day was especially romantic. If you have to create a day to force someone to be “romantic” then it is not romantic " it is a tax. Valentine’s Day is the April 15 of Relationships!

 But think of how heartbreaking it is when you are in a relationship and the person forgets Valentine’s Day " or worse yet, does not believe you deserve anything from them. THEN YOU KNOW HOW AMERICA FEELS EVERY DAY.Valentine’s Day is a Relationship Tax and the Rich refuse to pay taxes. They are like those lovers who forget Valentine’s Day every year " but they are worse because they forget it every day. And worse still, they are like someone who not only forgets Valentine’s Day and when they do remember believes that nobody deserves a gift from them, they set out to actively give themselves amnesia by strategically hitting themselves in the head, hoping to actively forget everything about the day. The Rich simply do not believe that America is deserving of their love, and they will withhold it as long as America is willing to put up with it.

© 2017 Father Mojo

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Added on February 12, 2014
Last Updated on February 9, 2017
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