Legacy of the Hybrid

Legacy of the Hybrid

A Story by BatFan38

In the war between Vampires and Werewolves, all was equal. That was until a young boy born half Vampire and half Werewolf came into the war. This is his story


Legends. Why are they called legends? There really is no answer. Perhaps people do incredible things in their lives that defy fate. Maybe it's when a famous person dies and his work lives on. No one knows. There is one legend that many people seem to forget about. A legendary time in history that has been erased from all history books. It is called the War of Darkness. No soldiers were battling, but different races were. These races are but myths nowadays: Vampires and Werewolves. It was a war that lasted centuries in medieval Europe. No one knows the cause of it, but one thing was certain. There was one thing that changed the entire war until the day it ended: a baby. This is his story.

It all began one gloomy night when Izan, a Werewolf, was hunting for his pack. He had transformed into his Wolf Form and was stalking a deer. Normally, Izan didn't hunt deer because his pack usually ate bigger animals like Bears and the occasional fat human, but the woods were scarce. Deer was the only thing he could find and he knew his leader would be upset if he brought home nothing.

Izan hid in the grass and stalked his prey. The deer was unaware of the danger and continued to graze on the grass. Izan's Wolf Form was most gruesome. On all fours, claws sharp as a knife, fur as long as straw, and a temper to match. His mouth was drooling from the sight of the deer. To the untrained eye, he looked like a normal wolf, but bigger. To any Werewolf, they could see traces of human and wolf, which made them half and half.

He snarled a little, which made the deer jerk its head and position its ears. In a swift pounce, Izan leaped onto his prey and dug its claws into the deers stomach, slashing and thrashing. Stomach and intestines exploded from the creature and oozed on the grassy Earth. He transformed back and stuffed the guts into a bag made from cloth, so they wouldn't spoil quickly. Izan took the deer by its antlers and carried him off, dragging the carcass along. It wasn't long before he heard a twig break.

He dropped the deer and looked around, his wolf senses kicking in. He transformed and smelled the air. The stench he smelled made him gag for a second. To Werewolves, there was only one thing that they hated worse then silver bullets: the stench of a Vampire. He roared into the dark woods and heard nothing. Turning away, he heard a rushing sound, but before he was able to react, he was being stabbed in the shoulder by a small dagger. The Vampire was on top of him, riding him like a bull.

Izan managed to get it off of him and the Vampire landed in front of him, another dagger in hand; this time, it was a Kriss. Even through Werewolf eyes, he saw the Vampire was female. She had short black hair, bright red lips, and poorly made Vampire armor. The She-Vampire hissed at him and prepared to strike, but was stopped by the surprising fact that Izan transformed back into his mortal form. She kept it up, preparing for anything. He dropped his bag an stared into her eyes. A Vampires hypnosis power rarely ever worked on Werewolves, so he knew he was safe from it.

"I am Izan, servant of Lord Wolfgang. You are?" She hesitated, wondering what the Werewolf was up to.

"Maura, servant of Lord Dracula." she finally said. "Why are you doing this?"

"In all my years of serving my king, no Were female has ever come close to the beauty of yours, Lady Maura."

"Is this some joke?!" she yelled. "I am a Vampire! We could never fall for your kind!"

"Tis true that no Vampire has ever fallen for a Werewolf, but I see something inside you. Something hidden. And I will try my best to find out what it is."

"You are a weird Wolf." she stared at the moon. "Tis will be sunrise soon. Be best if we got back to our homes as soon as possible." as she leaved, he shouted back.

"When can I see you again?!"

"Never! I have a love! His name is Vlad!" she soon disappeared from view.

Upon returning home, he was greeted by his brothers. A few cheered for him because of the delicious deer he brought home. Even the king greeted him. Wolfgang McWolf was the ever so loved King of the Werewolves. Beside him was his wife Alexis, and his brother Eric. They all greeted him on his return.

"I am glad to see you home Izan." said Wolfgang.

"I am glad to be home, my king." he said as he bowed.

"There is no need to bow young Wolf. We are all equals in my glorious pack." Izan stood back up and addressed the queen.

"My queen." he kissed her hand.

"Izan, we are happy you brought us some food in these hard times. Did you have any trouble?" asked the Queen.

"Actually, I did my queen. A young Vampire almost interfered with the hunt." he lied.

"And?!" shrieked Eric.

"I ripped the throat out of him. His carcass is nothing but food for buzzards!"

"Good, good." said Wolfgang. "One less Vampire to worry about. Although, I fear the Counts forces are increasing with each passing night."

"Brother," started Eric. "You do know that Dracula has thousands of followers at his command while we have only hundreds, right?"

"Indeed. Which is why, starting tomorrow night, the Hunters will go to the nearest village and find... recruits." he laughed.

"I would be honored to lead them." said a voice. They turned and saw a handsome looking Werewolf standing there, his mouth dripping with water. "My king, I would be honored if I lead the Hunt."

"Permission granted Reinhardt." answered the king.

"Izan!" shrieked the Queen. "Your shoulder is bleeding."

Wolfgang looked to Izan and nodded. Reinhardt and Eric escorted him to their infirmary. Meanwhile, back at Dracula's castle, Maura was just arriving in the Main Hall when she was stopped by a tall Vampire with long dark hair, a long black cape, and wore steel armor. He came to her and hugged her.

"Maura, I was worried. I feared the worst."

"Do not worry Vlad, no Werewolf can kill me!"

"I sure hope not." said a voice.

They looked up at the top of the grand staircase and saw an older Vampire coming down. Hair was slicked back, shiny like the sun, a torn black cape, pale white face, and the best kind of Vampire armor. Every Vampire in the room bowed as he came down the stair case. When he stepped onto the floor, he smiled.

"Rise, my subject." They rose. Dracula could see Maura was depressed about something. "My dear Maura, what is wrong my child?"

"Nothing, Lord Dracula. I just... have had a weird night."

"Hmm..." he murmured. "Well, I have news!" he shouted to everyone. They all listened carefully. "Tragically, my beloved has died during her childbirth. Do not fret though! She has produced a healthy daughter, who shall be named Livia, future Queen of all Vampires!"

The other cheered. Dracula walked around and examined his servants. As he did, Maura knew that the Werewolf had effected something in her. She looked at Vlad, who smiled. Maybe she did feel something for Izan, maybe she didn't. She knew she had to see Izan again in order to be sure. Maura was actually a Recruiter, someone who would travel around and turn humans into servants to Lord Dracula. Tomorrow night would be a night that would forever change her and Izan... Forever.

The next night, Izan went on his nightly patrol, searching for meat. He transformed and ran off into the dark woods, hoping to maybe find Maura. Smelling the fresh night air, he caught a scent. A familiar scent. He hurried to the location and saw her sucking the blood out out of an elderly man from the local village. When she saw him, she let go of the man and pushed him to the floor, his body drained of blood. Her eyes met his and he stared right back. He transformed and cracked his knuckles.

"I thought you never want to see me?" he shouted.

"I gave it some thought." she said. "I know it is against our customs, but seeing you sparked something inside my cold, dead heart."

"Really?" he asked.

"Yes. I don't know what it is, but maybe I can see it for myself if we spend time together."

"I agree Maura, but there is something I must say. We must never let our races know. They would surely sentence us to death."

"Yes, but if it turns out that I don't like you, the only place we will be close is on the battlefield." she extended her hand to him, offering friendship. He took it.

As they walked, Izan couldn't help but stare at her body. Long thin legs, natural breasts, and scars across her arms and face. She gazed at him and he quickly looked away, not wanting to embarrass himself. Maura too looked at him and saw his figure. Muscles bigger then she had ever seen, short brown hair, and marks all over him. He stared back at her and she quickly turned her head as he had done.

"So," started Izan. "How'd you turn?"

"As a young woman, I worked with my father in his blacksmith shop. Mother had set me up with a handsome man, who was a famous hunter. He had killed bears, wolves, and all sorts of dangerous animals. The one creature he couldn't seem to kill was a Werewolf. One night, I went with him on a hunt and we encountered one."

"He drew his gun and loaded it up, but he wasn't fast enough. It pounced on him and tore his throat out. Blood gored out of him and I was horrified. I watched in horror as it chewed up his body and drink his blood. When the beast was finished, it set its eyes on me. That's when a Vampire named Vlad attacked him and eventually killed him. I went to thank him, but he gave me that stare and next thing I know, I wake up in Lord Dracula's castle. Since then, I have been a faithful servant to him."

"Wow. Did you ever see your parents again?"

"I visited them as a last request before joining the Vampire cause. They took one look at me and knew what I had become. I had become the most disgusting, most vile creature in existence in their eyes. Father stabbed me in the heart with a knife, but I dug it out and threw it to the ground. Mother hit me with a hot frying pan and knocked me down. They kicked me, spat on me, and asked where their daughter was. I cried there for a while, but... my instincts eventually took over and I drained them both. I've regretted that action for nearly fifty years."

"Geez. I just had bad luck when I got turned."


"I was visiting from England. My parents told me to take a vacation from all my school work, so I did. It was a dark night, the moon was full and in plain view. The locals told me about a Werewolf hangout miles away, but I didn't believe in them. I thought it was just some old mans attempt at a joke. I had a few drinks and was mighty drunk. I hit on a girl, who just happened to be the wife of the pubs owner. He let it go as he had seen it many times before, but he went through the roof when he found out later on that night that I took her upstairs and slept with her."

"You what?!"

"Yeah. It was raining and I stopped by the bar, wanting a drink of whiskey. He gave me some, but after I was done, he grabbed my head and slammed it onto the wooden bar. I was in a daze, so I fell over and landed on my back. The crazy b*****d ran along the side and eventually got to me, dragged me up, and wailed on me til I was on the floor again. His drunken buddies joined in and kicked me until I could barely stand. By that point, they picked me up and threw me out, advising that I never set foot in there again."

"Damn, that woman was a s**t. Anyway, I'm walking in the rain, catching a very dreadful cold when I felt something. I could sense something was watching me, so I looked around. Staring into the darkness, I saw bright yellow eyes and they were moving toward me. As they got closer, I backed off more and more. When the creature was in the moonlight, I saw it. I was being hunted by Eric, Lord Wolfgang's meager younger brother. I started to run, but I didn't get far."

"He pounced on me and turned me over, growling as he stared into my eyes. Those deep, evil yellow eyes. His drool drenched me and I was scared to the point that I felt like I was gonna crap my pants. Then, he bites my arm with his powerful jaws. It hurt like a mother, but I didn't notice because I had just went unconscious. Next thing I know, I am laying in a bed with my arm wrapped up and my Lord and his family hovering over me."

"Wow Izan. That is bad luck. What happened next?"

"Basically I was told about what my role was. Wolfgang made me a Scouter, basically getting food and securing our territory. Although, I did get my well needed revenge. I stepped into that pub without a second thought. When the owner demanded I get out, I took off my clothes, which protected me from the moon. They watched in horror as I transformed before their very eyes. His wife screamed and he went for his gun, but he wasn't fast enough."

"I tore out his throat and ate the whole thing. Human flesh tasted good for some reason, but I digress. After I knew he was dead, I turned my attention to everyone else. I killed many drunkards in that pub. Dead bodies laid everywhere, blood oozed onto the floor, and body parts stunk up the whole place. His wife however, kneeled in a corner, crying because of the scene she just watched. I looked into her eyes and decided to give her something that would never go away. I bit her."

"I learned in only a short amount of time that no matter what you have, whether it be polio, the flu, or even small pox, this was something you could never get rid of. I took her back to our hideout and gave her to the doctors. She had become one of us and she hated me for it. Even to this day, she never speaks to me unless she has too."

"Who would've thought? What about your parents?"

"Scotland Yard proclaimed me dead. Killed by ravenous wolves. The pub was closed down because of what I did and they are convinced a madman came it and killed everyone. Since then, I've made no contact with my parents. This happened about ten years ago."

"Do you ever want to see them?"

"Yes, of course! But how would one explain to their parents that they were a Werewolf?"

"You have a point." she laughed. "Do you enjoy what you do?"

"Very much. I get to rip peoples throats out and serve them to my race. Whats not to like? You?"

"Of course!" she exclaimed. "Even if there is the nighttime only rule, but I learned to live with it."

"I see. So, what's became of you and Vlad after he saved and turned you?"

"We maintained a friendship, but that was years ago. Now, he's my fiance."

"Really? Can Vampires have kids?"

"Yes. Lord Dracula has... never mind."

Izan looked confused. He decided not to pursue that question and instead went to take her hand. She shrugged him off and crossed her arms, feeling embarrassed. Maura had that hard look to her, like she was not easy to get along with. By the end of the night, the two had begun a sour friendship and agreed to meet again the next night, as long as not to squeal about their meetings to anyone else.

The following month was full of meetings. They exchanged information about their childhoods, school crushes, and what their favorite colors used to be. The more they found out about each other, the more they grew to like each other. Even Maura would occasionally move her hair behind her ear and flirt with him. On a glorious night with a clear sky and the full moon glistening in the sky, the two sat on a log and got to talking some more.

"Do you like your new family?" asked Maura.

"Yes. Very much so. Wolfgang is a brilliant leader and is also very wise. I look up to him as does everyone else. True, he may be hard on some punishments, but that is what makes him one of the greats. Since you asked, do you like your family?"

"Indeed. Lord Dracula is a strict, but generous leader. He gives us what we need and doesn't hesitate when it comes to getting what he wants. Even our Queen, who died days ago, she admitted to me that he is a hard man, but she always sensed good in him. That our cause was a good one and that you Werewolves also had a good cause, but the two couldn't find peace. Couldn't work together. Does that make sense?"

"In a way." he admitted. "Maybe this war will end and our clans can be one."

"Maybe. Izan, this past month has been... enjoyable for me. I never could talk this much about my life with anyone. Not even Vlad."

"If you don't mind, what is it with you and this Vlad?"

"We are engaged."

"Engaged? Your choice... or Dracula's?"

"Our Lord has seen my prowess as a Vampire and ordered us to be married within the next few months."

"That's harsh Maura. Wolfgang allows us to marry anyone we want."

"Even humans?"

"Well, I meant any Werewolf we want. Truth is, I don't want any of them."

"Then who do you want?" she looked at his eyes and he looked right back. Her mind controlling power didn't set in since she had control over it.

"I want you Maura."

"Izan, I-" he shut her up by placing a finger on her lips.

"Before this goes on further, tell me something. Do you feel the same way... about me?" his finger dropped from her lips.

"Izan, this past month has been amazing. I learned more about Werewolves then what we learned years ago. I do feel the same way about you, but our rules, our customs!"

"I don't care about any of that Maura! You are the only woman I want to be with!" he grabbed a hold of her cheeks.

"Izan," she whispered.

"Maura... kiss me." he said as he leaned in.

She didn't do anything to object. As his lips pressed against hers, she felt a warmth build up inside her body. That was the warmest she had felt since before she was bitten. Maura didn't want to bit him or slash him with her nails. She felt comfortable for the first time in her undead life. Within seconds, she released from their embrace and she got up, keeping her hand in his.

"Come with me Izan." she smiled. He got up and followed her to a hidden area in the bushes.

"Why did you bring me here Maura?"

"I love you Izan. I want you to love me right here."

"I will always love you no matter what." he said as they fell to the grassy ground together.

Izan laid on top of her and began making out with her passionately. Her hands pushed against his chest and she felt her muscular torso. She smiled wickedly at him and kissed him more. Izan removed his shirt as she took off her skin tight black shirt. He couldn't believe that he was about to make love to a Vampire and it increased his stamina. Before they went further, he was actually concerned.

"You sure you want this Maura?"

"I've never been more sure of anything in my undead life."

"I love you."

"And I love you Izan."

It was near four in the morning when the two were still awake. Maura was completely nude and her head was resting on Izan's chest. He was breathing heavily and having a very happy smile on his face. Izan was stroking her hair and kissing her forehead. Looking down at her, he couldn't help but admire her beauty.

"Maura, you're so beautiful."

"As are you." she said as she looked up at him and kissed him. "Any regrets?"

"None what-so-ever." looking up at the sky, he noticed the light coming close. "You better go. The sun'll be up pretty soon."

She nodded happily and grabbed her clothes. Quickly changing in front of him, she was in her normal clothes and kissed him good-bye before quickly running for Dracula's Castle. Izan himself rested there some more since the sun didn't bother him. Once he was fully dressed, the Werewolf walked back to the hideout with a smirk upon his face, but was sure to hid it once he got back. However, Maura was in the basement of the Castle and was being scolded by Dracula.

"You could've been killed, you stupid girl! And did you manage to get another servant?"

"No my Lord and I apologize." she bowed before him and a tear of blood came down her cheek.

"Stop crying, you useless creature! You are one of my best servants and this is all on you!

"I am deeply sorry my Lord."

"Well, you are going to have to pull double duty tonight. Edward was busy with something and didn't make it back in time."

"You mean he is... gone?"

"Afraid so. The sun burned him and now the duty falls to you to bring in more slaves for the noble Vampire Cause."

"I will not fail you again my Lord Dracula."

"See that you don't. Fail once more and I will send you into the sun myself."

"Understood Lord Dracula."

Maura waited until Dracula left the room before looking back up. The room was empty, aside from the multitudes of spiders crawling around the basement floor. She got up and proceeded to her coffin, remembering back to the previous night with Izan. The coffins were located in a hidden room in the basement, which would only open if one put the right code in.

She arrived at a stone wall and saw some pieces of stone that were out more then the others. She pushed the top one first, followed by the one near the bottom of the wall, and the final one was at her left. When all three were pushed, the stone wall slid up and she stepped inside. Once the wall slid backed own from behind her, she walked silently down the stairs for a minute before coming to a room filled with coffins.

Maura's coffin was located near Dracula and Vlad in the darkest corner of the room. When she stepped near it, it opened with a creak. Spider webs and dust laid inside it, but it didn't bother the female Vampire. She stepped into the coffin, laid down, and crossed her arms, awaiting the forthcoming night when she would be with Izan again. Maura closed her eyes and drifted off into her dream land where everyday with Izan was a happy one.

When Izan returned to his home at half past noon, a few guards were waiting outside, which was unusual to him. He knew it wasn't good and he might be severely punished for staying out so late. Approaching the guards, they grabbed his arms harshly and carried him off to Wolfgang. As they passed the Werewolf people, they gave distrusting eyes at him, disapproving of staying out as late as he did.

Nearly two minutes later, the guards burst through the doors of the throne room and came before Wolfgang and his Queen. The Werewolf leader had a not so happy look on his face and his teeth were showing. For a Werewolf, that meant bad news for the one in trouble. The guards threw him to the ground, bowed before the royal Werewolves, and left without saying a word. Izan stayed on the floor and awaited orders.

"Get yourself up off the floor Izan!" yelled Wolfgang. The Werewolf obeyed, but kept his head down. "Look at me!" Izan did so.

"My Lord, I know I was out longer then I was supposed to and nothing I say can fix that."

"Izan, I've always liked you. When the guards told me that you had not returned, I grew upset. When morning arrived and you were not yet back, my feelings grew to anger."

"I have no excuse my Lord."

"Normally, the punishment would be many days in the dungeons, but you are one of the only Werewolves, aside from my family, that I actually like. Now, your punishment will be to collect three times as many food. You start tonight and I must warn you." he cleared his throat. "Should you do this again, I will put you in the dungeon without mercy for as long as I see fit. Do you understand?"

"Lord Wolfgang, I understand fully. I thank you for your mercy."

"Leave us now." Izan did just as he was told and left their presence without muttering a single word.

Outside, Izan was headed for his home when one of his friends came up to him. Richard was a renounced Hunter like Izan, but was also a new Werewolf. He had never got on Wolfgang's good side and was often a trouble maker. Being who he was, he patted Izan on the back and followed him home, exchanging stories about what happened the previous night.

"... and then I heard that you had returned, so I went to the gate, but the guards had already got you." he said for about four minutes. "So, what did Lord Wolfgang punish you with?"

"Just bringing in three times more food."

"That sucks man! The food in the woods is scarce, I mean REAL scarce!"

"I know!" he shouted. "I know. When collecting food, I get lucky and sometimes I'm not. Most of the time my thoughts distract me from hunting."

"Then focus on the task you're given. Works for me."

"Well, you haven't been here that long. Eventually, other things will occupy your mind."


"Women, friends, family, all sorts of things."

"Izan, I'm only 23 and I must focus on my work first. Plus, I never had a family."

"Were you an orphan?"

"Yeah. The Werewolf Clan is really the only family I have. You're like a big brother to me."

"Yeah, me too. Where do you hunt when you go out?"

"Eastern Forest."

"I go to the Southern Woods. It's peaceful and I can think while I hunt."

"Maybe I'll come see you if my hunt ends early."

"You do what see's you fit. As long as its not during my hunt, I don't care if you come by."

"Thanks Izan." said Richard as he extended his hand, offering a handshake.

"You're welcome." Izan said as he accepted the handshake.

For the next week, Izan collected more food for his people and spent time with Maura. On this particular night, the two lovers were laying down on the wet grass and staring up at the stars. Izan had a bag filled with five dead deers and was sure the amount would earn him something.

"The stars are not the only beautiful thing out tonight." said Izan.

"What else is there?" asked Maura.

"You, my love." he said looking into her Vampire eyes. She looked right back and smiled, revealing her shiny fangs.

"Thank you." she gave him a quick kiss. Afterward, she sat up and hugged her legs. "Izan, you remember the night last week when we made love?"

"I shall never forget it. Are you filled with regrets?"

"No, no!" she exclaimed. "I shall never regret it! It's just..."

"What is it? You can tell me anything Maura."

"I think I'm pregnant Izan."

"Pregnant? Are you certain?"

"I am. During my time in the Castle, I was moody, using the bathroom many times, and I even attempted to vomit, despite being dead."

"If you can't vomit, then how do you get pregnant?"

"No one knows that, but we just do."

"Am I the father?"

"Before a few nights ago, I had not slept with Vlad in a few years. You are the father Izan. Of this I am certain."

"What about the nights ago with Vlad?"

"After that night, I thought you might have impregnated me, so I slept with him the other night to make sure."

"So even if the baby is growing inside you and it shows, Vlad will believe he is the father?"

"I believe so."

"What about when he is born? The baby will be half Vampire and half Werewolf. There will be signs."

"When it comes, I will admit it all to Lord Dracula."

"he may have you killed."

"It's a price I'm willing to pay."

"For love?" he asked as he held her hands tightly.

"For love." she whispered into his ear.

Months and months passed before the big day arrived. In the dark depths of the Castle, screams echoed through the dusty halls and the other Vampires knew what was happening. Inside the room, Maura was laying on a massive bed on top of a silky white sheet. Her legs were spread and immense pain circulated through her dead body. Despite being dead, gray blood was spread around her and the pain was hard to deal with. Lord Dracula was by her side, holding her hand and talking her through the exact pain that his wife had before dying.

After enduring minutes and minutes of pain, it was all over. One of the Vampire nurses held the small baby in her arms while cutting the umbilical cord. Maura was hanging on to her undead life, living longer than the Vampire Queen had. The nurse came over and let the mother hold her baby. It was a boy, which is what Maura wanted.

"And what a glorious baby boy it is!" shouted Dracula. "Vlad, enter these chambers at once!" before Maura could protest, the cocky Vampire General entered and hurried to her side.

"The birth is complete my lord?"

"Yes!" he yelled cheerfully. "Your son has been born!"

Vlad went for the baby and lifted him up, admiring the birth of the child. He smiled happily and instructed the nurses to exit the room. When they were gone, he handed the baby to Dracula, who examined every inch of the baby to make sure it was of righteous birth. After his examination, Dracula declared the baby was a glorious being.

"He will make a fine soldier one day! What will you call him Maura?"

"Thomas. His name will be Thomas." she said quietly.

"A fine name that is!" cheered Vlad. "When he comes of age, he will be trained to be a powerful Vampire!" Maura smiled weakly, but knew that Izan would want to see his son.

The next night, Izan was out hunting in his Wolf Form when he heard a noise. He turned his snarling head and saw Maura carrying a bundle in her arms. He transformed back into his human form and quickly walked over to her. Izan kissed her quickly and looked down at the bundle. The look on his face was one of complete happiness.

"Is this...?"

"Yes Izan, our son." she removed the cloth covering the babies face. Izan looked down at his son and smiled cheerfully. "Thomas, say hello to your father Izan."

"Hello my son." he gently touched the babies face with his finger. Thomas' small hands grabbed the finger and the baby smiled. "I hope he grows up to be a man like his father."

"Why wouldn't he?" she asked curiously.

"You can't keep bringing him out here every night Maura. Someone is bound to notice."

"I know, but I can't stand Thomas thinking that Vlad is his father when he isn't."

"We'll get through this. What if we run away with him?"

"Run away? Lord Dracula would not rest until I was found. If he saw us together, he would have you killed along with me for desertion."

"I don't care!" he yelled. "I want our son to live a life where he has both of his parents."

"I... understand where you are coming from, but when would we?"

"Tomorrow night my love. We can run away and go somewhere far away. Somewhere where our Clan's can't find us!"

"Are you sure Izan?"

"I'm sure. I would never put you in harms way on purpose."

"I trust you Izan." she thought for a minute. "Okay, let's run away tomorrow night. Let's do it... for our son."

"Son?" asked a voice from behind them. They both turned around and saw Richard standing there, dumbfounded. "Izan, what are you doing?!" he yelled. "Socializing with a damn Vampire?! Kill her!"

"No Richard!" Izan yelled back. "I love her and this is our son!"

"You can't love a creature like that! Vampires have no feelings; they're dead!"

"Say that again and I'll kill you." said Izan angrily.

"How can you love a thing like that? They are our enemy!"

"You don't understand Richard! You just don't understand!"

"I think I do. Lord Wolfgang trusted you and now... you betrayed his trust for a she-devil!"

"Do not tell anyone Richard. Our son doesn't deserve to grow up as an orphan."

"Well... too bad." he whistled loudly and voices could be heard. "I'm sorry Izan. I told our King that you have been sneaking out on nights you weren't scheduled for. He instructed me to take a group of Werewolves to apprehend you if something bad happened. Appears I was right."

"Richard... YOU TRAITOR! I'LL KILL YOU FOR THIS!" he went for Richard, but was quickly knocked back by a few bigger Werewolves tackling him to the ground. A few of them surrounded Maura and the baby, but they didn't attack.

"Guys, transform and escort her to headquarters. Izan, the other will put you in chains and put you before Lord Wolfgang. This was your own doing my friend."

"Richard, you are no friend of mine! Not anymore!" he snarled as the guards put him in chains and walked him back to Wolfgang.

In the throne room of the King of Werewolves, the two lovers were chained up while baby Thomas was in the care of a few Werewolf nurses. Wolfgang was more angry than Izan had ever seen him. He knew he wouldn't be sparred this time. Not him, not Maura, and possibly... not even the baby. The Queen looked disappointed in him and stayed quiet.

"Izan, you have betrayed the Clan, you betrayed our customs, and worse of all... you betrayed your King."

"I regret nothing my Lord. My love for Maura is more powerful than any punishment you will give me."

"Is it? This betrayal leads to only one punishment: death."

"My love!" shouted Queen Alexis. "I know he betrayed everything we hold dear, but surely exile would be more suitable?"

"No! In exile, these two would live together, constricted by their supposed love. In order to separate them, death is the only option. Richard!" the young Werewolf entered the room and bowed before his King.

"Yes my Lord?" Wolfgang finished writing a note and handed it to him.

"Take this to Dracula's Castle. Even though we are enemies, he will reply to this betrayal on both sides."

"Of course, my King." when Richard left, Wolfgang laughed.

"Something funny my King?" asked Queen Alexis.

"The message will get to Dracula, but Richard won't be coming back alive." he chuckled.

"Did you plan to send him to his death?"

"Indeed my Queen. Being a snitch is something I do not tolerate. He will realize that when it's too late. Guards, take Izan and the she-devil to the dungeons. Make sure they're separate."

"My King," bowed a guard before other took Izan and Maura down below to await their sentence.

Half an hour later, Richard laid on the stone floor of the Castle, dead. Slash marks all over his body and bite marks in his neck. Vlad wiped the blood from his lips and handed the note to Dracula, who had just arrived in the main lobby.

"What is this? And why is there a dead human on my floor?"

"My Lord, this Werewolf came delivering a message. A message addressed to you."

"To me? Let me see here." he unrolled the note and began reading aloud. "Dracula, I know this war between us has taken many lives and it seems to never end. This day is filled with betrayal on both sides. Izan, one of my Werewolves, and the one you call Maura are in my care and will be disposed of. I have been informed by them both that the baby she bore is his, making the child half Vampire and half Werewolf. I wish to make us allies for just the sentencing."

"In our history, our two Clans have never been joined and I believe that it will remain the same. The sheer fact that these two have love for each other sickens me and I pray it does the same to you. I have sent Richard to you since he is a snitch and I do not tolerate snitches. Do as you will with him for he is never to return to my Clan. I await your return. Warm Regards, Wolfgang McWolf."

"Lord Dracula," shouted Vlad. "That child is mine! The Werewolf is lying!"

"If he is lying, then why send one of his servants to his death?" wondered a voice. Coming from behind a door to Dracula's left, was a tall female Vampire. Long red hair, deep red eyes, and a body fit for a Goddess.

"Shaylynn, how good of you to join us." said Dracula. "And I do see your point. Vlad, what Wolfgang says may be true. Have you seen Maura or baby Thomas recently?"

"Not since before we slept this morning. I spent time with Thomas the night before after he was born and all he did was cry."

"So it's obvious that you're not the father." laughed Shaylynn.

"Silence you witch! If I want your opinion, I'll ask for it!" snapped Vlad.

"Enough you two." said Dracula calmly. "I will accept his idea. The Vampire Clan and Werewolf Clan will gather together for this sentence."

"Knowing Wolfgang, it'll be an execution." said Shaylynn. "He would never let something like this go."

"Shaylynn is right." muttered Dracula. "I will send word to him that we accept." Vlad remained silent, even a tear of blood came down his cheek.

"Suck it up Vlad!" exclaimed Shaylynn. "Your fiance brought this on herself! None of this would've happened if she hadn't messed around with a Werewolf."

"I know Shaylynn. My love for her used to be strong. Now... let her die.

Three nights later, the skies were clear and dark. The moon was out and an abandoned ritual stage was occupied by the Vampire and Werewolf Clans. On the right side of the stage stood Wolfgang, his wife, brother, and Hunters. On the left was Dracula, Vlad, Shaylynn, and a nurse holding young baby Livia. Izan and Maura were chained up in two separate circles and awaited death. Wolfgang addressed the crowd of onlookers.

"My brothers!" he looked to the Werewolves. He then turned to his enemies. "Vampires! We are here on this glorious night to execute Izan and Maura, the two lovers who betrayed our Clans in order to be together! Your Lord and I have decided to make peace only for this night. Now, the executions will begin!" the crowd cheered while the ones on stage clapped. "I have chosen the death for Izan! Way... of the Silver Bullet!"

Izan heard those two words and instantly began to thrash his chains, attempting to escape. An older Werewolf began ascending the stairs to the stage with a cloth in his hand. Once on the stage, he bowed before Wolfgang and moved the cloth very carefully to reveal a silver gun. The Vampires shivered at the sight of the weapon as did the Werewolves.

"Clans!" he shouted. "This weapon of Man holds one Silver Bullet; enough to kill the strongest of Werewolf or Vampire! But I am not the one who is going to pull the trigger!" he looked over to Dracula. "The leader of the Vampires will issue Izan's punishment!"

"Me?! If I touch it, my hands will burn!" protested Dracula.

"My lord, here." Shaylynn handed her Lord a pair of gloves. "These will protect you from the gun." Dracula took them and nodded.

The Vampire Lord put them on and stepped forward, preparing to strike the Werewolf King should anything happen. Taking the gun in hand, he felt to pain. The gloves were working well and protected his hands from the burn. Once it was in his hand, he walked over to the traitorous Izan and aimed the gun at his head. Tears came from the Werewolves eyes and Dracula noticed.

"Do you have anything final to say, Werewolf?"

"I do actually." he cried deeply. Izan turned his head to Maura. "My love, it has been nearly a year since we met and I couldn't love anyone more than I love you. Since we are about to die here, I shall see you in the afterlife, where we will be together forever. And may our son have a glorious life. Maura, I love you."

"And I love you." she said with tears in her eyes as the gun fired. Maura turned and tears fell from her eyes to the cold ground.

Izan's head tilted down and blood gushed from his head, where the shot was fired. Smoke sizzled from the gun and Dracula had had enough. He gave the gun back to the older Werewolf, who covered it back up with the cloth. Dracula addressed the crowd as Wolfgang had.

"The Werewolf is dead!" the Vampires cheered. "Now," he said turning to Wolfgang. "the execution I have chosen for dear Maura is quite a vicious one. She is to be ripped apart by one of your own."

"So be it." said Wolfgang. "Who do you request for this task?"

"Brutus," he grinned. Many of the Werewolves and Vampires muttered to each other. Wolfgang himself was shocked by Dracula's choice.

"So be it." he stuttered. "Bring Brutus up here!"

A few guards were coming from the back of the crowd, leading very tall and very muscular human in chains to the stage. The human was covered in old marks, signs he was involved in many fights, and long hair covered most of his face. His teeth were sharpened, useful for killing in his human form. He hardly ever spoke and was one of Wolfgang's most loyal servants. Coming onto the stage, it shook a little, causing Maura to hyperventilate. She was about to die in the most gruesome way. When he was on the stage, he stood next to his master.

"Brutus, my most loyal Werewolf, you see that female Vampire over there in chains?" Brutus nodded. "She is your dinner. Enjoy your feast."

The guards undid his chains and let him at Maura. Staring up at the moon, Brutus began transforming into his Wolf Form. In no time at all, his Wolf Form was the biggest Werewolf Maura had ever seen. He was as big as a small car and foaming at the mouth. Dracula moved out of the way and let Brutus at it. The Werewolf jumped into the air, landing on Maura.

The leaders turned their head as Maura's screams were heard. They could hear flesh being ripped from her bones and the sound of blood erupting from her undead body. It didn't take long for Brutus to finish ripping her and eating his fill. When Wolfgang ordered him to stop, he did so. Transforming back, he was covered in blood and licking the gray blood from his lips as the guards came over and chained him back up and escorted him off stage.

The smell of Maura's ripped of flesh annoyed most of the Vampires, who had sensitive smelling. The flesh was going to be left up there for any animals to feast on, like vultures. The executions were finished, but there was still another part of the night that had to be dealt with. Wolfgang addressed that issue with Dracula.

"Count, what shall become of the young boy Thomas?"

"I say we kill him!" shouted Vlad. "Being a Hybrid, he will be scolded by our kind all his life! End him before that happens!"

"Vlad has a point. Should he stay alive, he will be an outcast. A possible worst punishment then death." pointed out Dracula.

"Our Clans will not ignore him!" protested Wolfgang. "In all reality, he will decide who is going to win this war."

"How do you mean, McWolf?"

"In the days when he becomes a man, he will find out who he is and what he is capable of. As a child, my grandfather told me stories of our races and how a Hybrid would be the strongest one of all."

"I see." thought Dracula. "If he were to choose a side, the war between us would end sooner. Fine, the child will live."

"But where shall he go?" asked Queen Alexis.

"He can not live with any of our clans." said Wolfgang. "The best place for him is in a village twenty miles from here."

"You mean Oldeburg?" wondered Dracula.

"Indeed Count. He will be safe there." he addressed the crowd. "The child called Thomas will live" they all booed him. "but, he will be sent to Oldenburg where he will be out of our watchful eye! When he becomes a man of twenty, he will have to choose a side!"

The elderly Werewolf came back onto the stage with baby Thomas in hand. They young boy was sleeping, tired from the nights events. He handed him to Wolfgang, who then showed him to the crowd. Even the King of Werewolves could tell that the baby would be mighty and powerful, something they most definitely needed. Dracula saw the boy more closely and thought the same thing. The war between them had only just begun.

The following night, Eric, Wolfgang's brother, was running through the countryside with a basket in his mouth. The young Thomas rested inside it and was holding a note addressed to the unwilling couple that would take him in. The twenty miles ran by in no time and the Wolf Eric snuck into the village, averting the attention of the measly guards. He eventually came upon a farm near the outskirts of the town and sat it on the doorstep. Eric carefully knocked over some pans to get their attention and ran off back for home.

The door opened and a man and a woman stood in the doorway. The man was tall, easily in his thirties, and wore farmer clothes, including the straw hat and some wheat in his mouth. The woman had a bun in her bright brown hair, hand-me-down clothes, and looked very dirty. They looked down and saw the baby. The woman picked him up and handed her husband the note. Opening it up, he read it and the wheat dropped from his mouth.

"Honey, we can't keep him. He's... a monster!"

"Louis!" she yelled at him. "He's only a baby. If we leave him, the wolves might get him."

"Read the note!" he exclaimed. She took it and read it, causing fear to enter her.

"Dear, even if he is a... monster, we can't abandon him."

"He'll come to realize what he is when he gets older Mary. I don't want to be his next meal!"

"Louis, we are keeping him and that's final!" she shouted at him. "We can figure out what to do about his... personality later. For now, he is a baby and needs a loving mother and father."

"Fine, keep the monster Mary!" he threw his arms up as he gave in. "I just pray the other people in the village don't catch on to what he is or we're all gonna be in trouble."

"Let us pray tonight. God always hears our thoughts and almost always comes through."

"You're right. Maybe he'll listen to us for once."

The door closed and Thomas was taken in by the loving couple. The Clans looked past the executions and the fate of the baby and mainly focused on their war. Eric returned home before the morning sun came up and he was satisfied with the people who took in baby Thomas. He knew that they baby would grow into a fine young man, but not even the greatest fortune tellers could predict the life Thomas would live in the coming years.

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Author's Note

Hope you enjoy what is in store for this one. Please review and be honest on what you like or dislike about it. It may be a prologue, but let me know what you think of certain characters. I made this prologue to be a tragic love story that sets events in motion

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