Love Comforts A Soul Or Destroys It

Love Comforts A Soul Or Destroys It

A Poem by Barbara Kasey Smith

Love is immortal and nothing can destroy it!

Love splits in directions,
leaves a lover guessing about a relationship.
Love comforts when a mate hurts,
nurtures at a time of sadness, illness and hurts.
Love tortures a soul and drains a mind,
triggers a heart to fill warmth and isolation.

Love stings when it isn't right,
instigates jealousy, doubt, turmoil, and insecurity.
Love wiles the mind and rejects affections.
Love satisfies an urge and a need,
grants relief and satisfaction.
Love is testing and tempting in spite of spirits.

Love aches for an embrace, a moment, a word, a kiss,
satisfying their importance in their mate's life.
Love is hearing their mate's voice,
saying, "I love you" and mean it.
Love is assuring, stability, respect, security, expressive,
knows a mate will not abandon or stop loving them.

Love is a lifetime of caring, respecting and adoring a mate,
expressions of kindness, compatibility, loyality, ownership and responsibility.
Love never wavers or becomes mundane or monotonous;
it grows in time to become a strong deep-seeded bond.
It won't deteriorate, break, depart, tarnish or die in time.
Love is simply love and no-one can destroy its stance and strength. 

© 2013 Barbara Kasey Smith

Author's Note

Barbara Kasey Smith
Reviewers this is what I believe is the definition of love.

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Too few know this truth, but we who do relish it

Posted 5 Years Ago

Barbara Kasey Smith

5 Years Ago

Thanks Donald for your review & taking the time to read and to review - I appreciate you!
Barbara Kasey Smith

4 Years Ago

Thanks Donald - sorry I had not responded earlier but I don't visit sites that often - I appreciate .. read more
I agree with your won't deteriorate, break, depart, tarnish or die in time.....yes indeed...too bad it takes many years to understand the meaning of love....great read

Posted 8 Years Ago

Barbara Kasey Smith

8 Years Ago

Thanks Carol - a true love cannot be destroyed easily - I've not been able to participate much here .. read more
carol burgess romance

8 Years Ago

You are welcome....I am in Canada and we celebrate memorial day in November

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Added on April 27, 2013
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Barbara Kasey Smith
Barbara Kasey Smith

Manassas, VA

Barbara Kasey Smith is retired from the federal government after about 32 years. She now enjoys her days writing, traveling, arts & crafts, flower arranging, antiquing, and various other activites. .. more..