A Poem by PoetryofProvidence

Sojourners in a land not our own
seek we the place we will call our home
archetype of the promise you gave to Abraham
the future children they shall possess the land

Servants of the Truth dwellers of the tent
traveled upon your path wherever you them sent
faithful to your laws the life you for them choose
vast are your promises nothing here to lose

Happy is the one who listens to your voice
blessings you have offered who could refuse the choice
like Jesus laid down that life for Love that is True
the heavenly nature he hoped to give to you

And so in past are hidden all of our sorrows
but haunt they do the ghosts of our tomorrows
though dead and gone the memories of our past
their essences remain with us until the last

Like all those born we have fallen down
but you oh God have promised us a crown
hand picked you have only hearts of those be true
willing in Loves service your requests they do

Adoration for your wisdom clarity and light
hearts teaming with affection every day and night
a language the land of time forgot
touched by tragedy in the kingdom of the caught

Crushed and lost in the roads we have wandered
loyalty love and truth our characters been squandered
slaves to a system full of harmful thought
lack of loving kindnesses what the adversary brought

A dearth of justice , afflictions are the cost
removed from the garden all there we have lost
you have promised a return to the land of song
a paradise where all mankind will belong

We watch the events that have marked our time
your plan for the next age to bring all things in line
with urgency to keep the laws of Love in sight
for descending to earth is cast the Lord of night

Rejoice oh lovers the accuser from heaven banished
woe oh earth he comes a ravaging and famished
six millennia the blood of the prophets spilled
seeks now he does all of mankind killed

The only thing now holding back the winds
the sealing of the holy ones closing to its ends
our Son be hidden the rise of the false dawn
a century of warning has sounded the alarm

No more excuses lesson from our history clear
man has thrown away whats precious
and placed what is harmful dear
Politics and religions has laid the deadly snare
strangled and destroyed our ability to care

Earthly kind have thrown the vote to the hand
of the Dark Knight
unable to recognize he is the master of our plight
his weapons are poised for death and destruction
man knows only war the finality of his instruction

Oh come , King of Creation the days are drawing to their close
all earths time and history has violence exposed
the sheep lost among the packs of wolves
the unclean spirits from he of cloven hooves

Our cries Father of Light into your Temple come
weeping of the centuries time to be undone
the beating of our hearts rise to you in prayer
send again your Son whose Kingdom wherein we care

COPYRIGHT © 2010 C Michael Miller

via Duboff Law Group LLC

© 2013 PoetryofProvidence

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Added on August 11, 2010
Last Updated on February 5, 2013
Tags: spiritual, nature, science, truth, Love, God, Jesus




Voracious reader , love ancient Historians and tracing ideology and belief systems, small talent in poetry so some have said , love people of every sort even if I don't agree on lifestyle makes for go.. more..