>>Another Vampire Story<<

>>Another Vampire Story<<

A Story by Aurora Boreyalis

titles pretty selfexplanitory

Known as the two lovers that transceded time.
Eric is 6'8 and 1 90 lbs.
Xelica is 6'0 and 100 lbs.

He has gentleman's brown hair with stunning topaz eyes and fangs that exceed above the normal length (probably because he was a dentist back in the 30's)
She has curly black hair, a rock star admitted look. With cream skin, diamond-sparkly and reflective red eyes. She is specifically intuited with Christianity. 
Their scent is mingled with spearmint, erming, and everwood trees.
Eric was born in the 1300's. He was a lonely, preverse man who leaguered in a gentleman's world. Armed with money and power, he longed for a woman whom could love him despite his disposition (as he was already turned long ago) He met Xelica when she was a baby and watched as she progressed into a beautiful, full grown woman. They soon fell in-love after she said "I realized I was in-love with the inhumanely beautiful dentist. His gentle hands that caressed the pain away. I remember that I went to the doctor with fake ailments just so I could hope that he would come inspect me." 
But the obstacle that lied in the way was what he was. But after, speculation and thought, she soon realized that she did not care. She wanted him the same exact way and after phasing she became even more beautiful. They have lived together for eternity.

Eric's powers include: inhuman emotional strength, compassion endity, venomous fangs (something that all vampires have) jumping great distances, the ability to hold off thirst, identity (he could alter his physical body) great speed

Xelica has no special powers except those of a regular vampire : jumping great distances, great speed, venomous fangs and exceptional strength.

© 2011 Aurora Boreyalis

Author's Note

Aurora Boreyalis
i do not own, my friend made.

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Added on March 10, 2011
Last Updated on March 10, 2011


Aurora Boreyalis
Aurora Boreyalis

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