A Poem by Bay

The story of a little angel named Madalaine.



One night, I woke with a jolt-
Sat up in bed, and saw
A scene in shades of grey
Dancing on my wall.
Madalaine looked at me,
Smiled a sad smile,
And quickly went away.
She and her little dress were gone-
And I was there, left alone to contemplate
The reason she came here.

It was only the next day
When again I saw this creature -
The little girl from the night before,
The same innocence in figure.
This time, she was cheerful
As she greeted me in the street;
Her blond curls were bouncing
As she walked on the toes of her feet.
Never a word spoke her little mouth,
But from her eyes came a story
Of grace and goodness as she
Danced about, fairy-like and pretty.

That night I had a dream
About that little girl;
She tugged and pulled my hand until
I came into her world.
She took me through the city
Until all at once I saw
A little boy in ragged clothes
Crying and yelling "Mama!"
He was toddling through the halls
Of a dirty little house,
Hungry, for he hadn't eaten;
His mama all spread out-
Asleep, and never to wake
On the kitchen floor;

For there she had fallen when she stumbled in,
Just inside the door.
She had forgotten this little soul,
Never sobber enough to see
That as she lay there deaf to him,
Her baby boy was badly in need.
Suddenly I was back in my room
With no trace of Madalaine;
"Only a bad dream."
I said to myself - 
As I gathered up my things.

Coffee was made, and I was gone.
Then, in the park, as I passed along,
I saw a group of girls and boys who ran;
But one of them was all alone -
As he sat and clasped his hands.
Madalaine came to my mind as I passed,
Though I never stopped;
And through the day, I thought about
The dream that my night did haunt.
Concentration I never found,
Only flashes of the dream;
Until the clock struck and work was over -
And it was time for me to leave.

I meant to make my way home,
But I found myself at the orphanage.
It was cold by the door,
But when answered, I beheld a visage -
"What is your business here?" she asked.
And just then, there peeked a face;
The face in the dream, the face in the park-
Yes, the little boy was in this place!
I knelt down and took his hand
As he looked into my eyes.
I smiled at him, and in my mind
I saw again - - Sweet, sweet Madalaine.
She only smiled at me and danced her little dance;
And then, right then, I knew
That God was watching me and Drew.

Madalaine was sent to bring this little Drew,
To love, and to be loved
And to find his life anew.


© 2009 Bay

Author's Note

This was done very quickly, and I wish to revise it later.... that is why the paragraphs are not all the same length. I hope you like it! Tell me what you think.

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I liked it side yet hopefull. It has a nice effect to it. Almost peaceful :D.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on November 30, 2009
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Hello everyone! My name is Bay. I am a lover of Jesus Christ, and I want all of my writings to be glorifying to Him. I love music, books, writing, studying foreign languages (especially French :D),.. more..