Taking a Shortcut Does Not Always Save Time

Taking a Shortcut Does Not Always Save Time

A Story by Bay

This is another paragraph I was assigned for school. I chose to recount an incident to illustrate the truth in the title sentence. Please tell me your thoughts..... ;)


Taking a Shortcut Does Not Always Save Time

The idea that a shorctut saves time is not always accurate. While on the highway, my family has many times seen the folly in the unnecessary use of so-called "short-cuts" made by fellow drivers. These drivers falsely believe that cutting others off and passing every car possible will take them to their destinations in half the time. One day, as we were driving through the mountains, we saw a car try to pass us. The surprised driver, who had attempted to pass on a blind corner, was met by another car coming in the opposite direction. He pulled back quickly, but it was just in the nick of time. A few minutes later (no doubt after the shock wore off), the pushy driver again made an attempt to pass. He pulled out into the left lane, put his foot on the gas pedal, and sped up to pull in front of our truck. We allowed him to do so and simply smiled, knowing what would come of all his efforts. This had not been our first time to witness such a driver. He passed car after car until he was no longer visible. We continued to enjoy the beautiful scenery and to listen to the music that was playing as we drove along at out consistent and steady pace. It was not long until we found that same driver at the bottom of the mountain, stopped at the stoplight. We are almost able to pull up beside him! By watching drivers such as this one, we have learned that not only is it futile to pass cars that are going a decent speed, but it is also very dangerous. This man passed cars all the way to the stoplight, each time endangering his life (not knowing whether another car might be ready to meet him just around the corner), but still obsessed with the idea that he might  be a few minutes early to his appointment. Yet, his behavior did not pay, for we (though going fifty-five miles per hour the whole way) ended up in the same place, at the same time.
Anyone can see by this example that taking a shortcut does not always save time.

© 2009 Bay

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Added on December 3, 2009
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