Deeper into the Below

Deeper into the Below

A Story by Benjamin

Life is a sentence to death, but a walk of life nonetheless; while it remains fruitless through the valleys and winding roads, we find ourselves on the forays of hardships and smothered paths all attempting to depart these hollow grounds.

 Life’s a journey, through grandeur and detestation, and along the way we cross paths, insofar as to entertain our souls to life’s expenditures, but life calls for these paths to part and with every footstep we fracture the ground and fall deeper into the below.

For what we call love, and whom we call friends, the question therein lies behind the veil of death who gave us life and life who set us in motion.

 In these incalculable moments, the friends remain those who’ve parted ways in this journey, and lovers who hold hands crossing this bridge; abridging the gap between the love of life and inevitable death at the end of the road.

Albeit, this gift ushered in a hell, and we’re forced to succumb to the end of our walk, we’re faced with one last choice: to keep holding hands through the crossing of death, or to live to regret the love we lost.

© 2014 Benjamin

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Added on November 21, 2014
Last Updated on November 24, 2014
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