New Threats on Freedom

New Threats on Freedom

A Story by Bryant James

300-500 essay in response to the regulation state.


The Art of Regulation…

                Are we no longer the people? Do we no longer have the right to choose what we want for ourselves? This Presidential-Democracy that we have poured our faith into for the last 200 years seems to be only ripping away the freedoms that this country was built on. This is my body, my life, and my choice. As an American, granted rights that not everyone in this greed stricken world are fortunate of, the decisions I wish to make are my choice. The Regulatory State is, and will be, growing out of control until the people of the great United States of America stand up and take back the opinion that is rightfully theirs.

                This country was not founded on principles of big government controlling the regulation of everything - quite the opposite. I’m afraid that control has fallen out of the people’s reach and into bigger pockets. It sickens me that some men profit from controlling the opportunity that is allowed to men guaranteed equal rights, and disturbs me even further to think of the great men who died for this freedom. We the people, WE THE PEOPLE, need to reunite and voice our opinions of contempt for this control that gradually limits the freedoms that we have been granted by the Bill of Rights as U.S. citizens. The Regulatory State should be chosen by the people whom which it effects, not the businesses who seek monetary gain.

                The thing that really scares me is that generations before mine were eased into this state of supreme regulation; my generation was thrown in at the peak of chaos. Controlling society with rules and restrictions has become such a problem that it is now indeed harder to grow up legal than it is to abide by the law. From the Federal Trade Commission to the Securities and Exchange Commission, these hypocritical monopolies will one day realize that they are not only jeopardizing the rights of small business opportunity, but that they are directly ripping us of what we built this country for - personal freedom. The war on terror, the war on oil, will be nothing compared to the war on personal freedom that the regulation committees have started with my generation. You cannot regulate the American Dream.

Bryant James

New Orleans


© 2011 Bryant James

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Remember, it's not socialism or big, intrusive government if you give billions of tax dollars to a bunch of failed CEOs, so they can go on vacation. It's only socialism when you try to help the people!

Posted 10 Years Ago

Good to see other people fired up about how we are far more oppressed now than we were as a British Colony.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on March 6, 2011
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