Icy Eyes

Icy Eyes

A Story by Ash

        Icicles. Not only was my family convinced, but I too was beginning to come to the ludicrous conclusion that my fingers were somehow replaced with icicles. Well, this observation may not be too irrational considering how my hands, specifically my fingers, are always colder than my friends' or fellow classmates'. Did I mention it was June? You would think that the bright early summer heat would melt the icicles right off my hands, right? Well, in my odd case this is false. Enormous differences between myself and others are not just physical, but also mental. Personality wise I am most certainly an outsider. In a world where being noticed seems to be most peoples' top priority I'm usually left in the dust. In my ideal world, I would be alone in my room at night everyday. Wait, how did I end up talking about this...can you tell that I'm a absent-minded thinker?

        Aside from the cold hands and personality, there is one trait that I'm painfully aware is odd from everyone else. My eyes. Ironically, my eyes are the fairly common shade of chocolate brown, however I'm not referring to the color that's odd. It is what is hidden deep within the brown orbs that seem to frighten people or drive them away. Basically, each and every person who dares to look into my eyes are forced to direct their vison elsewhere before they shatter to pieces. Metaphorically of course. Perhaps this is the core reason behind the fact that I have no friends. I do recall on one occasion where an acquaintance of mine found it in her heart to explain to me, "The second I looked into your eyes, I didn't talk to you because I thought you seemed mean." Hm..."seemed mean". Don't get me wrong, the term that "the eyes are the windows to the soul" is true. Very true. Yet I found it somewhat amusing how without know anything slightly about me, she made her own little prediction. I find it amazing, truly phenomenal, how eager society can be to make predictions without any evidence. Oh well, maybe there will be someone out there to melt these icy eyes of mine...      

© 2016 Ash

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Added on March 20, 2016
Last Updated on March 20, 2016



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