Among Deers and Teenagers

Among Deers and Teenagers

A Story by Ash

Trying desperately to escape reality just for a minute...what better place to go than a forest?

      The green coated sea, for which I walk upon, brings a feeling of relief to my heart. Now almost ten yards free, the ringing of irrational and untrusting conversation subsides. One minute, yes only one minute away from the house of cacophony will my ears be at rest. Family gatherings are a blessing, perhaps I'm just the odd one out as usual. Foolish I was to believe myself and other adolescents could have basic human interaction, let alone share a trait in common. Clutching my new copy of To Kill A Mockingbird as my life depended on it I knew, as the others played Twister, my place was in the corner on the chair. Still their giggles and laughter fill my head in a nauseating cycle. And the conversations, oh the conversations. Did you know that Bill asked Sarah out? Oh, goodness! Were you aware that my cousin got in trouble by the meanest teacher ever? How intriguing! My cousin, as most do, found it very hard to believe that I am only 14 years old, a mere one year older than her. According to her analysis, "You are, like, so mature and act like you're twenty!" Oh, cousin, I act like I'm forty. At least in front of people apparently. By myself, well, I act like my definition of 14 years old by reading Shakespeare and listening to Nature music instead of "modern day music".

      The walk to the green and lush kingdom was full of tranquility. Each noise complemented the other in the perfect melody. Upon entering I was aware I did not want to leave. I did not want to go back to the place of normal teenagers and their gossip. A leafed hand brushed my shoulder as I made my entrance through the gates guarded by Oak and Pine soldiers. I observed my surroundings as a lion does it's territory. The scanners in my eyes scrutinized each detail from the fallen leaf men on the ground to the man with the cratered face in the sky. Each step made a crackle and crunch as a child does with their cereal in the morning. Without preparation, the ruler of the kingdom swam across the air in a gust, taking a few leaves with him. The trees bowed their heads in respect as my chocolate hair is blown back in his presence. I tried my hardest to at least catch a glimpse of him, but I know my chance are slim to none. For no one could see the king, but only feel him run past you.

      The buzzing of my front pocket snapped me out of my cloud of thoughts. Why did I bring this device with me? Why did I have to bring a piece of reality along? The words typed on the little screen caused me to groan in realization.

"Where are you?! Come back to the house, it's dark!" 

      Well, it seems my journey must come to an abrupt stop. The adventure back will surely be a challenging one. Not physically, but mentally. My movement froze as I heard the rustling of leaves. The crunching of the ground. I am being followed. The only thing I noticed was the fear gnawing at my heart. A lack of oxygen was also another concern of mine as the shadowed figure came closer. Closer...ah there. My legs were frozen to the green sea as I stared wide-eyed at my companion. Milk chocolate fur covered every inch down to it's two pairs of legs. Fascinated eyes met calm, black ones. For a moment, all was still. The ruler did not gust by, nor did the Oak and Pine soldiers bow. The guardian of the forest approached me, it's calm aura washing away any lingering fear like water over a stone. Two inches between it...until the mystic creature leaned towards my ear whispering...     

© 2016 Ash

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Added on May 14, 2016
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I have been through some things, and I now have writings to express not the events that took place, but the deeper meaning. more..

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