Vigilante uprising over the tides of history repeating

Vigilante uprising over the tides of history repeating

A Poem by beautifulblade

We set out upon high waters, 
bury our past in graves so deep 
we can feel the heat from 
inner earth spilling into empty coffins.

In a world overrun by evil
and good intentions, we forget 
to pause, forget to stop 
and pay attention to the havoc
actions cause. Borne of hatred, 
our emotions run amok 
and drive our words 
into the oceans of regrettable 
can't take back what's been unsaid 
until the damage has been done. 

we are terror. 

we are unraveling, 
one thought at a time, 
caught in the middle of what's 
been done and what will be, 
seen the chaos and confusion
stuck in the streets of our cities. 

Paris, Orlando, Nice... 

We raise bloodied fists in the air 
and call out for justice, 
use sentences punctuated by the sound
of gunshots and broken screams. 
When will it stop? 
We are left bleeding in the streets 
because of some misshapen vigilante 
form of thinking, 
huddle together in houses turned
bomb shelter, with the shells 
dropping outside our doors 
like a never ending rain. 
The tides are rising, 
flooding the paths we take 
to safety. 

We've been here before. 
We know how it ends. 
But I guess there's a reason 
people bury their pasts. 

So until we remember, 
the business of pine boxes 
continues to grow 
as we bury bodies 
and secrets
we're not sure we want to keep. 

© 2016 beautifulblade

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Violence breeds violence. Unfortunately we (mankind) never seem to learn! Vigilante justice is never the right path to go down, but in lawsess parts of the world it will continue to happen. Justice for all is a myth, so I can understand the downtrodden and abused taking vigilante action, but as I already said, it is not the way to go - not without breeding even more hatred and violence. Points to ponder. A thought-provoking write.

Posted 4 Years Ago

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