I'll be home

I'll be home

A Poem by beauitifulybroken

This is a poem about the fight between who we are raised to be and who we really are.

Please let me go home
my stomach feels sick and I want to be alone
my head is throbbing and my ears are ringing
I might pass out if i have to continue pretending
this isn't real, this person I am
shes happy, loving and understands
shes as fake as the tree we set up each year
the only real thing is the single tear
I don't want to pretend anymore I want to be free
this person I created just isn't me
If you could see what I see when i look in the mirror
she's cruel, shes hurting and screaming to leave
she's telling me all these horrible things she'll achieve
I can't pretend anymore, I just can't do it
the weight on my chest is getting heavier 
one day soon i think it'll crush me 
she's the shadow in the corner at night
lurking in the dark, preparing for a fight
each day i wake up exhausted from fear
afraid that someone will notice she's here
she's the hole in my chest were my heart once was
before the pain and horror filled it up
she's the ghost of the person i used to be
the only real version of me
she's scary and haunted 
alive but  hiding
lurking beneath the surface of who i say i am
the person i used to be, before they took all of me
and shoved me in a cage
she's starting to come through each day
little by little
she will win
when she does I know i'll be alone
but i'll be home.

© 2020 beauitifulybroken

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Added on October 13, 2020
Last Updated on October 13, 2020
Tags: pain, love, caged, trapped, home



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