A Poem by beauitifulybroken

2020 feelings

Something feels wrong i just don't feel like myself
its like a piece is missing but i cant seem to place it
one moment i feel fine and the next i'm so full of rage
sometimes i scare myself
i fear the dark parts of me but those are the ones that hold the most power
they hold the secrets
they hold the knowledge on how to get out of this mess that i call my life
how do i leave a place ive longed to be a part of for so long
that i grew up in
i just shut down
it's to much emotion
to much fear
to much intensity
i feel like i'm shattering and bursting at the seems all at once
like in any given moment i'll explode and turn into stardust
it's so bright then it's so dark and cold
ive been feeling so lost 
so out of control
my path is ahead of me but im too afraid to walk it
because what if i mess it up
but what if i flourish?
what if i fail
but what if i succeed
all of these thoughts are rushing right towards me
i feel so lost
so cold
but i can feel the heat on my face that is to come
i can feel all the demons that i must overcome
to get to that place of brightness and warmth
of comfort and healing
of fresh air to breathe in
first i need to come apart so i can come back together
i'm not broken, i'm whole
and imperfectly placed together

© 2020 beauitifulybroken

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Added on December 19, 2020
Last Updated on December 19, 2020
Tags: feelings, intensity, overwhelmed, challenges



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