All Bleed Red...?

All Bleed Red...?

A Poem by Kye R H

tw: mentions of rape, abuse, murder, and implied self harm

We all bleed red...
I bleed glitter and the new, rainbow TD Bank credit card!
Show your pride as you sell your queer labor to subsist and buy, buy, buy!

I bleed fabulousity and Bertolli's brave, radical stance in depicting pasta in same-shape relationships,
which you can buy at the nearest grocery chain for only $3.99 a box.

I bleed authentic vodka and late night events because my existence is just too radical
and obscene to exist in the day time

I bleed Neil Patrick Harris, happy, attractive millionaire and his just-too-adorable marriage 
as the face of my struggle

I bleed erasure and FCKH8's new selection of merchandise,
none of which actually goes to benefit any of us

I bleed Gay Marriage
so that oppression looks pretty and 
so that you can all ignore
youth on the streets being murdered and attackers walking free
rape statistics, abuse statistics, housing discrimination and the fact that in
most of the United States, a trans person can be fired for being who they are

I bleed dry blood
of a twelve year old child who didn't wipe it away while it was still wet
because they didn't think themself worth the effort

So just change your facebook profile to the big red equal sign
(the color that we all bleed)
and consider your work done

© 2014 Kye R H

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The ending to this wraps this piece up so nicely! I also liked how you said that you bleed different things, very creative. But in the end, we all bleed the same color; red. People put too much attention on gay marriage and small issues when they can't seem to open their eyes to the bigger picture when murder and rape are happening all the time. This pretty much proves how fucked up our society has become and as to what it truly more important for them. Very wonderful write :)

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Added on August 20, 2014
Last Updated on August 21, 2014
Tags: lgbt, mogai, mogii, violence, consumerism, capitalism


Kye R H
Kye R H


Kye R H, 19, they/them I am a student of massage therapy. I love the human body and its amazing capacity for healing when facilitated. A little bio for understanding my pieces and viewpoints: -I.. more..

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