Chapter 1

Chapter 1

A Chapter by Regan :)

Today it was a cold and gray outside. I walked to the bus stop in the cold rain that was pouring down. My long brown hair was soaked. I tried to wring it out but it kept getting wetter so I just let it be. It was pretty much always raining in Oregon because of the mountains. Then I heard the familiar footsteps behind me. I tried not to turn around all the way, just take a peak, to see if it was him. My heart jumped. Yep it was him. The guy I had a crush on since kindergarten and now it was 7th grade. The year was ending though and everyone knew big things would happen in eighth grade. I was glad he didn't see me because he was doing something on his ipod. I only got a glance of his dirty blonde hair. Sadly I didn't see his deep blue eyes. Then something made me stop thinking about him. A man had suddenly appeared on the street. Literally, he wasn't there just a second ago. I stopped. He had a hat on and a black trench coat and sunglasses. Then another man appeared next to him. He was in what looked like the same attire. My insticnts were screaming at me to get away and run, but I stayed put. The second guy to appear pulled something out of his coat. It was a yellow envelope. He gave it to the first man. Even from the distance I could see the red stamp that said 'Confidental' on it. The first man took it and put it in his trench coat. The second man dissapeared. Then something that I didn't know was bad until later happened. The first man looked at me. Our eyes locked for a second before he dissapeared into thin air. I gasped. It was probably just in my head, I said to myself over and over as I fast walked to the bus stop. But I knew deep down that it wasn't.

© 2012 Regan :)

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Oooooh scaryyy(: JS you spelled disappeared wrong!!;)

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Regan :)
Regan :)

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