Chapter 2

Chapter 2

A Chapter by E. Paris


            The emergency room was flooded with patients, a multi-vehicle crash had filled the mediocre trauma center with patients forcing them to request assistance from the other floors. Since Gabby had been near by they pulled her in on the pediatric case that had come in from the accident. The little girl that lay on the hospital gurney was still unconscious the paramedic explained that she was trapped in a nearly crushed vehicle, the car seat she was in had broken on impact when a large truck careened into the passenger side door where she sat. A large laceration scored her forehead and other small cuts and bruises painted her tanned skin. Her right leg was being placed in a traction device until the orthopedic doctor could determine whether the fracture needed surgery or not. From the looks of the x-ray this little girl would have a few pins and screws in her right femur, one of the hardest bones in the human body to break. Nurses and doctors swarmed around the body of the little girl, and Gabby assisted, giving fluids and a unit of blood until the wheeled her away to take an MRI of her head; the broken leg would wait until they knew that she was completely stabilized. It had been touch and go for the half hour that Gabby was in the room. The little girl struggled to hang on. Gabby sighed and slumped against the door to the decorated room designed specifically for pediatric patients. Gabby hated to see kids that were in serious condition who might not make it. As for the little girl there was still hope. She prayed a quick silent prayer for the little girl before heading back up to her ward.


            Gabby searched among the EMT’s and paramedics still giving report to nurses and registration clerks as she walked toward the stairs, although most were already gone, trying to get a glimpse of the man that she saw earlier. Maybe I’m hallucinating she thought, after searching to  no avail.

            The pediatric ward was quiet now as most of the patients took naps, giving Gabby a little time to relax. The lines of worry for the little girl and of confusion from seeing her old friend crossed her face.

            “Gabs are you okay?” Jen asked her.

            “Yeah I’m okay, I was just thinking about the little girl in the ER. The guy who hit her car was drunk. I wish they could ban alcohol, it would make our lives a whole lot easier sometimes.”

            “True but they already tried that remember and the world isn’t perfect.”

            “I know, I just wish it were,” Gabby twirled her chair around to face Jen sometimes she wished that little kids weren’t the brunt of accidents. Her faith was strong but sometimes she wondered why God allowed some of the things that He did.

            “My mom always said you can’t have everything you wish for.” Jen was wise for her age and a Christian too like Gabby; they both attended the same church. “So,” Jen smirked, “I saw you talking to Dr. Ryan today, how did it go?”

            “Oh, come on Jen, you know I’m not interested, even though he is drop dead gorgeous.” She said, her back facing the hallway.

            “Is that so, well maybe I’ll have to work on that.” Gabby’s mouth dropped open and she sat still for a moment before slowly turning her chair to face the cute doctor.

            “Hi Ryan,” she said calmly. Her heart raced and heat flushed her cheeks more from embarrassment than anything else. She may not have been interested in the man, but she wasn’t blind to his physique. “Excuse me a moment.” Gabby swiveled back around and eyed her friend who still had a wide grin plastered on her face and suppressed giggles that were about to erupt like Mount Vesuvius. But the death glare Gabby sent her was enough to pickle a cucumber and sent Jen turning back around to the large desk. Gabby turned to face Ryan again, “so how are you doing?” Gabby looked at Ryan who was trying to suppress laughter of his own.

            “I’m doing good Gabby, how are you?”

            “Slightly embarrassed, were you standing there the whole time?”

            “I only heard my name walking down the hall and then you say something about being drop dead gorgeous.”

            “I see, well I must be off. I need to go do… something.” Gabby stood and walked to the bathroom. The one place Ryan couldn’t follow her. Since he was staff he had every right to go into any employee lounge or coat room that he wanted. Gabby resisted the urge to like him; pretty much any single nurse with a brain knew that Ryan was attractive, charming and single. To Gabby the fact that he was also a Christian made him harder to resist. Everyone also knew that Ryan very interested in Gabby and they were bent on getting them together. Gabby stood in the bathroom for a few minutes before deciding to return to the land of embarrassment, hoping that Ryan was gone. [EH1] 

Too bad not all wishes come true she thought. Ryan was still standing at the desk. Gabby contemplated for a second about returning to the bathroom but it was too late, he caught sight of her.

            “Gabby, I came up here to ask you a question.” He flashed that white smile again, “Would you like to have dinner sometime?”

            “I,” she thought for a moment before answering. If she said no, all of the girls would get on her for not accepting a date with the most eligible bachelor. “Sure why not,” she said, resigned. It wouldn’t hurt, maybe after going out with him her mind would change or she could let him down easy.

            “Great, how does Thursday sound?”

            “Sounds good, what time will I need to be ready?” Gabby asked.

            “I’ll pick you up around 5:30”

            “Okay, see you then.” Gabby smiled and waved good bye. What have I done? She tossed her head back into the cushioned chair and watched until Ryan disappeared down the hallway, “you can laugh now,” she said to Jen who still sat the opposite way from Gabby.

            Jen laughed and squealed as she jumped out of the chair and rushed to Gabby’s side. “Do you know who you just accepted a date with?”

            “Yes Jen, and I prefer that it not be considered a date. I should have told the poor guy the truth.”

            “You really aren’t interested in him are you?”

            “There’s no…spark” Gabby said.

            “Then why didn’t you tell him, ‘no’?”

            “Because…I don’t know I just didn’t. Maybe, after this ‘date’ as you like to call it, my heart will change, but I really don’t know.”

            “Alright, whatever you say” Jen teased her best friend and settled back into her work. Their shifts neared the end and they did their final rounds making notes for the incoming nurses. Gabby visited Cassie and Cole before gathering her things to leave. Jen stood next to her in the coat room.

            “See you tomorrow Gabby!”

            “Bye,” Gabby said and walked out of the coat room and toward the stairs.


Thick rain drops pelted Gabby as she made her way to the car, a bright flash lit up the darkening sky and thunder clapped overhead. She climbed in the car glad to get out of the weather conditions. She made a quick stop at a small grocery store then continued home, overhead the storm still lingered though it was now mostly rain. Nevertheless thunderstorms always made her wary on the roads. Gabby headed toward the highway which took her out to her small hometown of Willow Brook, Pennsylvania. Soon she pulled off the exit and onto the back country road leading to her house. The rain picked up and she slowed her car down as much as possible. Headlights appeared out of nowhere behind her car and seemed to be going too fast. Gabby sped up to avoid a collision but her cars old tires hydroplaned and the large car behind her plowed into her back end just as it swerved causing the car to spin out of control. She braced herself as the car crashed into a tree, her body slammed against the door and she felt her right arm still grasping the steering wheel snap, glass broke as she hit her head on the side window then everything went black.


© 2010 E. Paris

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