To Valhalla?

To Valhalla?

A Poem by Sasha

A spin-off of "To Valhalla!" I wanted to give prose a go and this is what I came up with.

The entire sky is cast in golden-red as if in tribute to my riches and blood-shed. It lends it's beauty to the ocean which is undisturbed save for me floating on it's surface. The scene is peaceful enough, except... I'm dead. My body is enveloped in the same golden-red as the sky but the fire takes a different form here: it's real. My body, my legacy, and the ship that contain us are all being consumed slowly. Is it in tribute or to make sure I no longer stain the earth? A group of people stand ashore and watch. Some with tears in their eyes, others wearing genuinely solemn expressions; none of them know me. Yet, they all have a profound respect for the life I lived when all I did was scream the loudest in battle and kill a few men before raping their women. Any coward could do those things, but here it makes me a hero. These people will sing a wonderous tale of strength, courage and my eternal happiness in Valhalla - a golden paradise filled with a limitless supply of mead and naked virgins. Sadly, this could not be further from the truth, which is actually staring them in the face. For now, no one knows it but me.

© 2010 Sasha

Author's Note

The concept of prose escapes me.

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The emotion of ignorance of this person's people as they perform their rituals to their dead. Knowing and being unable to tell anyone the horrors which await is an awful feeling. This simple paragraph appears to be so much more when articulated in the fashion that you wrote it. To be a nitpicker, there is supposed to be another comma after "my legacy". An excellent piece, the concept of prose does not seem to escape you.

Posted 13 Years Ago

this is beautiful and rich with imagery. imo, prose isnt defined by any guidelines accept the main concept, which is adopting words
to your own voice vs. just writing them on paper, in any regards,
this was a spirited sense of a worthwhile reading, great job.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on May 19, 2010
Last Updated on June 9, 2010
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