The Music Box

The Music Box

A Poem by R.G. Bennet

A story-telling poem that tells the tale of a beloved queen and her fate.

Walking along the streets
You hear a curious sound
You search until you've found the source
Intrigued by what you've found --
A tiny golden music box
Sitting on the ground

Appeared from nowhere 
it seemed to have done
Curious, curious
As would be to anyone
In puzzlement you wonder
and wonder yourself stiff
The thing you fail to realize
Is the long hidden myth
This music box - yes this same box
Belonged to Meredith. 

Ruled she did some centuries past
Beloved queen of Murrowfast
Graceful swan, gentle dove
This queen specialized in love
And what is more, in English lore
Young romance most did Meredith adore
Alas! The tale does not go on
Poor Meredith passed away one dawn
No one knows why
But for story's sake
They put it down to true heartbreak
Perhaps love itself was too much to take

That golden box there in your hand
I'll say this once, so understand
Is Meredith's surviving wish/command
The music box, her most prized possession
Appears to those with deep depression
True love the box will bring
Love such that the heart will sing
Once touched, a spell unfolds
Love at last! Joy untold!

Poor Meredith, a secret hid
Covered up the truth she did
See, Meredith so full of passion
and love that made the heart to burn
Never had a special gent
 To give her that love in return

And that is why her music box
Is found among the sad
To give its finders a shot at true love
The one thing Meredith never had

© 2012 R.G. Bennet

Author's Note

R.G. Bennet
I'm not really used to writing poems, so am a bit rusty on format.

Is the rhyming tacky? Or does it fit?

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I know this is someone's else review, but it tells exactly how I feel about this poem:

"I really like this poem, it has a good feel to it, and gives me an interesting vivid picture in my mind of past melding with the future. I like the idea of the sadness of this queen and the heart break that could have been bestowed on her. I also like the idea of the music box, it seems enchanting. I like your rhyming technique, I thought it all went very well together. "

Posted 7 Years Ago

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I loved it! It's a simple tale about love lost that can be told over and over again, and I like the way you had it entwined with a music box! Defenately a favorite for me! As for the rhyming scheme I saw nothing wrong with it!!! GOOD JOB!!!

Posted 8 Years Ago

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I loved you poem R.G.! I don't know if rhyming is tacky, but I've always liked it. I love music boxes, have quite a collection of them. The magical tinkling sound is enough to make a depressed person a little bit happier. I use to wind mine up as I made my way through the house cleaning, it made the cleaning more fun.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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I don't know much about poetry either, but I like this. I like the folklore that you put into this; I really love folk tales. Thanks for writing this!

Posted 8 Years Ago

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the third stanza was the one for me, had me wanting to go find out about this Meredith...i love history, folk lore etc. i liked it appearing to those with deep depression...the whole theme was realy interesting. A nice write, good rythm..o two lines jarred at the very end, perhaps with a word too many..but overall flowed beautifully. Thankyou.

Posted 8 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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R.G. Bennet
R.G. Bennet


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