Freedom Is...

Freedom Is...

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I've been reading a very good book I thought I'd share



Freedom.  Is…


Morals. We are guided by our morals and beliefs, instilled upon us, taught to us.  We see the world as right and wrong.  There is good, evil, and shades of gray even.  We are guided by principles.  Where would we be without them?  A world without morals, without sense of direction would be...what? Lifestyle.  Habits.  Moral compass.  Choices.  We judge others by these things, these mental constructs.  


Individualism.  Individual are the constructs that we create in our minds.  Morals cannot be tailored for a one-size fits all philosophy.  Morals are mental constructs, and life is different for every single person.  Good and bad are different for every single person.  Good and bad exist only in our minds.  While many of us reach a general consensus on what we deem good and bad, it remains that they are made up conceptions in our minds.  And we are afraid to break the rules that are so indelible in our minds. Individualism is what enables us to realize that these morals are only concepts, not real things to stop us.


Transgression is…the shedding of things such as morals.  Transgression is the act freeing of oneself from the mental concepts of morals, right, wrong, good, evil, if just for one moment, because they are intangible, yet they anchor one’s actions to a set path.  Morals are an anchor, and oftentimes, we find that some of our morals were instilled upon us at such an early age, for such a long time, that they remain permanently ingrained in our minds, although if we look past them we see little to hold them up.  Of course, most of us can agree that the most basic of morals can be somewhat universal, such as the desire to help others or the wrongness of hurting them.  And though we possess the ability to see that these things have logical basis, we sometimes lack the ability to see what morals have little logical basis.


Transformation.  Transformation is what happens after we choose to shed those morals which we realize have little basis or use…these morals which we often believe simply for the sake of believing, or simply because they have been taught to us since we have been young enough to talk.  When we put such imaginary things aside, we become morally naked.  Morals are the suffocating suit that we have donned.  They are the anchor that we have tied to our feet.  Transformation is the release, the act of sudden mental undressing that makes us realize that our desires, our wishes, our instincts, are held back not by anything tangible or solid, but by an illusion.  It is the illusion that the opinions others have of us matter more than our own happiness, the illusion that we have held back such desires because they are wrong or not allowed or not proper, when the real reason is that we have simply been afraid of what may happen should we break intricate social fabric that we are a part of.


Freedom is…the realization that the morals we have grown up with should be taken with a grain of salt, that maybe not all the morals taught to you are right for you specifically.  It is the realization that as an individual, you must choose what is right and wrong for you and you alone, rather than believe that what is right or wrong for everyone is right or wrong for you as well.  Freedom is the transgression of such general and mechanical beliefs, the transcending of childish notions such as not doing something because you have been told it is bad or unacceptable or improper.  Freedom is transformation into a state of moral nakedness, the realization that if such (moral) rules are imaginary, then perhaps all the laws that have held back your desires or passions or wishes are imaginary as well.  Freedom is the realization that the only thing holding you back is not morals, rules, society…the only thing holding you back is yourself. 

Be alive.



© 2009 Ben

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A very well written story. I like the description of each word. Each words you described is important and a wise person tried to grasp and understand each one.
"Freedom is the realization that the only thing holding you back is not morals, rules, society…the only thing holding you back is yourself.
Be alive."
The above lines are true. We have no limitations. The only barriers to seeking great dreams and goals. Are fear. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on a important topic.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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