Still with me...

Still with me...

A Poem by Bhavya Kaushik











Still with me



With ticking of every second by this clock,

You visit my lonely mind.

But then all of a sudden reality strikes me,

As I’m living with the world you’ve left behind.


You are still with me….


I still feel your presence in this room,

My heart still feels for your soul.

Your belongings still smell of you,

And near my heart I will keep them all.


You are still with me…


With every tear which rolls out of my eyes,

With my hope which I know will never break.

And I miss you every time I watch a sunset lonely,

As loving you was my choice and not a mistake.



I have tried very hard to tell myself that you’re gone…

But though! You are still with me…

…You are still with me…



© 2009 Bhavya Kaushik

Author's Note

Bhavya Kaushik
written in just about 10 minutes :)

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This is so sad Bhavya! I can't wait for the day that you
are writing about new love... it will make my heart sing
for you !! :)

But, even in all of its sadness, it's such a beautiful poem.
You really know how to play with your reader's emotions my friend.
Ten minutes indeed! That just shows how extremely talented you are.
And I love the layout -- always so creative :)

Great work as always my friend!

Posted 15 Years Ago

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You may have written this in 10 minutes but you captured the soul of a widow (or widower) totally and competely. It brought back all the emotions of those first years and even after all this time a moment will come when I can still feel him with me. Beautifully written, thanks for sharing.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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I have tears in my eyes. I may have written 4 poems in a matter of 5 minutes, but you just summed up my hole in my heart with my best friend dying and now leaving state to do it within those stanzas.

Thank you.

It always hurt to lose someone we love no matter how many ways we try to hold on......they can't take anything back from us or away from us. It is our decision to love them and to keep loving them for the rest of our lives and beyond.

Posted 14 Years Ago

Ten Minutes to tell a wonderful story! Flows so nicely, simple, sweet! Good job!!

Posted 14 Years Ago

"With every tear which rolls out of my eyes,
With my hope which I know will never break.
And I miss you every time I watch a sunset lonely,
As loving you was my choice and not a mistake."

These lines...lets just say that they made may heart sink. There is almost a feel of obsession coupled with the loneliness and despair through out the piece that I am all too familiar with. I loved the repetition of "You are still with me." It made the grief more pronounced. A wonderful write. I enjoyed reading it very much. Congrats on the Contest, by the way.


Posted 15 Years Ago

this is awesome!! I was so inspired that I wrote a single-sentence essay out of reading your poem...the imagery, the flow of words and moreover, the passion inherent is just outstanding!

Posted 15 Years Ago

Still with me....still with you. Nice poem!

Posted 15 Years Ago

I love your work. Again, amazing piece. I could feel the emotion. Nice job.

Posted 15 Years Ago

This is a very romantic although heart-breaking poem! I remember the song with the particular

lyrics in the last it comes across very dramatic and hitting home. Nice poem!

Posted 15 Years Ago

wow i love this poem none of my poems experss this feeling are as good as yours cause this one realy experss my feelings towrds this guy how i'm moving on but yet he's still in my heart.This poem realy inspires me just like bob dylan lyrics inspire me.

Posted 15 Years Ago

Thank you for sharing. This was so heartbreaking and yet so beautiful. Loved this

Posted 15 Years Ago

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