The Photograph

The Photograph

A Story by Bhavya Kaushik








A photograph can speak thousand words; it can bring your past again in front of your eyes. A photograph can haunt you with long lost memories, since your photograph is not just a piece of paper but it's a part of you…


Today while I was shifting my home I found a very dirty and forgotten cardboard box. When I opened it, I found few of the things which were related to my past relationship and with the person whom I loved more than myself. I overlooked everything but then I saw a beautifully framed photograph of both of us which denied my heart to overlook it. It was clicked about three years back in a friend's house, at the time when we both just started with our relationship. But it felt like as if it was clicked just yesterday…


That photograph took me back in time. She was looking gorgeous and her eyes were shining bright. We were together and I can't express how happy we were. We wanted to capture each and every precious moment of ours and thus we clicked a photograph that day. Later on, after few months she framed that photograph and gave me as a gift. As I was watching the photograph I thought about that day and going back to my past again, but it is impossible. The photograph reminded me that once I was also even happy and used to smile but this world changed every part of me…


Everything has been changed now, our relationship is no more alive but yet I can still breathe her by my side. That corner of room where the photograph was clicked is just same with the same colour pattern but only we both are missing from it. I realized that now my past can never again become my future but as long as I'm alive I will keep my past in my heart.


A lot of people say to me that "Move ahead….", "Gone is gone" or "Your world is waiting for you"…

But they just don't know one thing that I have already lost my world in past, and now I can only live it again with memories and photographs.


So I kept that photograph in a safe place and continued to pack my things again, since it was not just a photograph but a mirror to my past and an inevitable part of me.




© 2009 Bhavya Kaushik

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So very touching. Now, it seems as though your writing is much more personal and much more meaningful than before. The words you used to describe the picture were so exact, and so heartfelt, I wanted to read it over and over.
"She was looking gorgeous and her eyes were shining bright. We were together and I can't express how happy we were. We wanted to capture each and every precious moment of ours and thus we clicked a photograph that day."
I love those lines... It's is so strong. Filled inevitably with passion. When I look at pictures, I just can't see the things others do. I can't find much emotion. However, when I come across a picture of someone I loved/love, it means so much. I'm sure thats what you were feeling as well. Best wishes :)


Posted 14 Years Ago

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This is so very touching I love this one. This really tugs at the heart.

Posted 12 Years Ago


Posted 13 Years Ago

What an absolutely beautiful expression, taking us with you into the past to look again at the wonder of what once was. I love looking at photos, the feelings they bring, and I simply loved this profound write. Thank you for sharing!

Posted 14 Years Ago

that's damn good...that's all you have left me with to say.

Posted 14 Years Ago

Touching and sooo true....sad yet so beautiful!!! each word echoing inside me...moving me...moving the depths of my heart...can feel the stillness of the moment...takes me back to my own memories flashing right before my eyes...can feel how it must've been for you...because i just went through the same feelings...just by reading your write!!! that's the power of your words!!! you are blessed Bhavya...blessed with the power to yourself in the most beautiful ways...making even the pain and hurt seem so pleasing!!!

am in awe of your work!!! loved it...deeply...immensely...!!!

great work...keep it up!!!

thanks for sharing such a personal write...wonderfully written!!!


Posted 14 Years Ago

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You are so talented. The way you can describe your passion and especially the way you make it flow in your writing is so unique. Simple yet unique. Bhavya, you make the best out of nostalgia! The reader cannot help but feeling your pain and the struggle that came from this particular love. It is so sincere and beautiful!
Thank you for sharing my friend.


Posted 14 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

this really awesome.......!!
it's really very hard sometimes to forget our past...we just wish we could and move ahead...
but it's so hard to do so..!

Posted 14 Years Ago

after reading this sad poem, i realised one thing and that is it is not easy to forget past and one should not try also...u need not bother urself with what others think Bhavya...Just go ahead and listen to your heart....

Posted 14 Years Ago

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