How to Perfectly Bind Documents with Fastback 15XS Model?

How to Perfectly Bind Documents with Fastback 15XS Model?

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The temperature activated strips are considered as the easiest strips to be used with Fastback 15xs because the process is quite simple


Manufactured by Powis Parker, Fastback 15xs is one of the versatile and powerful binding machine available in the market. This model can perform perfect strip binding for hardcover books, notepads, and other official documents. The Fastback 15xs provide three different binding options to choose from: Temperature Activated, Lay Flat, and Pressure Sensitive. Also, you can choose from a wide variety of superstrips for Fastback 15xs �" A4 Wide, A4 Medium Black, and A4 Narrow Black Superstrips.

The temperature activated strips are considered as the easiest strips to be used with Fastback 15xs because the process is quite simple �" bind the book with TA strips, peel-off the liner when binding gets cool, insert the book into the creased folded cover, insert the book again to machine, and then press and hold the binding button. It will reactivate the adhesive binding on the book to block the cover. After that, trim the book, and it’s done.

The LF or Lay Flat strip is best suited for larger books, like history books or rules & regulations of a constitution. Also, it is considered better than Pressure Sensitive strip, which we will discuss in the later part. The process of using Lay Flat strip is similar to pressure sensitive, but there is one difference with LF �" it has adhesive only on the front and back cover, not on the spine. It allows thicker books to open and lay flat.

Apart from the binding machine, you’ll also need a reliable creasing machine. The SM1 scoring machine manufactured by Powis Parker is a great fit for this job as it is easy to use and provide a double crease to the cover, which makes it easy to lay the book flat. However, if you already have a creasing machine, then you don’t need SM1. Though it is more beneficial to use SM1 due to its easy setup. To get a perfect finish with lay flat strips, you’ll have to trim three sides of the book. You can choose an LF strip from a variety of options depending upon the price and volume.

There are two pressure sensitive options for binding heat sensitive documents and covers with Fastback 15xs machine. To bind books with pressure sensitive, block the book in the same way as TA, peel-off the narrow strip, release the liner after cooling, adhere to the creased and folded cover, and then peel off the remaining part of the release liner. To get the best results from pressure sensitive strips, use a cover that is larger than needed. Once the book block is secured from inside the cover, you can trim the book using a guillotine cutter to get it in the appropriate size.

Fastback Binding machines are considered as one of the best binding solutions because they are cost-effective, and it’s effortless and straightforward to use them. Apart from the above binding strips, there are other Fastback superstrips available in the market that can be used for binding. So, if you are willing to purchase any of these strips or binding machine, please get in touch with Binding Outlet; they are the authorised seller of Powis Parker products and supplies in the UK.

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Added on June 17, 2019
Last Updated on June 17, 2019
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