A Story by Hush Hush

Sometimes I wish that I could just forgive,to let all that anger go and let it stop bothering me. But I can't!!!
I just wish so much to keep those rare tears bottled up 'cuz i keep teeling myself that you're not even worth that much.
But even the thought of you gets me riled that I do indeed keep it inside my clenched heart!
Sometimes it gets so hard just to let a breath out and almost impossible to breath in...
I'm scared...
I'm so scared that one day I will explode and say the things that my dark side wants me to say, do the things she wants me to do...
I'm so scared...
To say what I really let myself be consumed by those ugly emotions, jealosy, hatred, guilt of some sort; even though I have nothing to be guilty off?!
So i'm gonna lie to myself that i'm alright..
I'm alright... yes, I am ...
Slowly, I will take that breath in, even if I have to force it down my throat,
...I have to keep on living ...
And maybe someday, somehow...someone's gonna show up and cut these tight ropes which keep on getting tighter round my chest...maybe that someone will show me how one can forgive?

© 2011 Hush Hush

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Added on October 19, 2011
Last Updated on October 22, 2011


Hush Hush
Hush Hush

London, United Kingdom

I'm nearing my 17th birthday, love to read, draw and write. I hope to become a writer in the future and make book covers. I'm currently addicted to manga, my friends think i'm weird because of it...I .. more..

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