A Poem by Blackdragon

A short dedication to the people closest to my heart...

Sitting on the roof under the bright starry night,
Silently wishing to not have had that fight;
I drifted off into the memoirs of my past,
Remembering the five people closest to my heart.

The first person was a girl,
Who used to live next door;
True and innocent you were,
And all i did was ignore;
I realize what a fool i have been,
All i request is a chance, just one more.

The second is a guy, my best friend so far,
All i can say is m lucky to have you mate;
Thick as peas we are, i think,
Be it coincidence, karma or simply fate;
Befriending you is the best thing i have done,
One decision, m sure i'd never regret.

The third is a girl i met in college,
Talkative, sweet and crazy as hell;
I know distances have crept between us,
But somehow i still hope all is well;
Stay like this, never change,
And we both will have a tale to tell.

The fourth, quite opposite, is a perfect girl,
Quiet, innocent, a bit shy if i might say;
Always wishing the well being of others,
And always smiling your griefs away;
We'll be together till the end of time, you wish,
Till death do us apart is what i pray.

The fifth person is someone i have known,
From the past 5 years if i'm not wrong;
Even though we have been talking for wot? 6 months?
I knew you would be a great friend, all along;
I still can't believe we fought over me taking your number,
But yea.. i know it was wrong.

By now all five of you must know m talking about you,
And smiling inwardly for the same;
Its you people that complete me, make me live,
Give me the strength to say "I'm game".

Thank you guys.. this one's for you.. :)

© 2010 Blackdragon

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@fabled exactly.. thats precisely one of the resons i decided to write this thing up.. :)
thanx for the review both of u...

Posted 10 Years Ago

I love writing for friends! Even the friends that I've drifted apart from, they'd still know it it was for them. Nicely done.

Posted 10 Years Ago

That's what friends are for! I am glad that you chose this topic - it really suits you as your honesty is more strongly shown. Great job here!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on September 7, 2010
Last Updated on September 8, 2010
Tags: friends, close, heart



Raipur, Chattisgarh, India

A potentially good friend.. i prefer to mingle with people as much as possible.. more..

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